Modern Warfare 3 fans are outraged over lacklustre campaign

By FileTrekker 23 days ago, last updated 23 days ago

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (The new one, not the classic) is already earning some scorn among the most dedicated players in the fandom, as many took to social media to criticize the incredibly short campaign.

While the game technically doesn't release until this Friday, November 10th, fans who splurged for the early access editions have already gotten access to the game and subsequently refunded it.

According to one player on Reddit, they refunded the game after less than an hour, stating the campaign was simply a "couple lacklustre raid episodes out together "adding that the game "failed to capture what it means to be in a campaign."

Another stated it felt like "a slap in the face, I am shocked and appalled," before going on to muse that "If this is the direction of campaign going forward, this is officially the death of CoD."

Others criticize the high price tag for the game, while seemingly focusing attention on Warzone. One player called it the "most insulting CoD campaign" they've ever played, while another suggested that "Bobby Kotick got the last laugh on his way out."

It's not just the short campaign that is under fire, with the combat mechanics also under fire, if you pardon the pun. One Redditor claimed they were missing one in every 5 shots because of how poorly the sights were set up.

Elsewhere, Xbox and Activision are under fire for what some are calling "vomit-inducing" full-screen ads on the home pages of Xbox consoles, insidious behaviour that is becoming more and more common in Microsoft products these days.


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