Modern Warfare Season 2 is likely to add Battle Royale mode

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's second season trailer was dropped today, and along with the accompanying announcement, we've learned a lot of new details about additions coming to the game. 

What was officially confirmed was three brand new maps coming to the game, along with a host of new weapons and updates to the Battle Pass, however, there was one element of the trailer which seemed to hint at a new mode that may be coming to the game, and most players reckon it hints at a Battle Royale mode coming to the game.

You can see the hint at 1:20 into the above video, where you see various soldiers jumping out of a plane, PUBG style, into what looks like a pretty large, Battle Royale style map. There's also a weird green mist surrounding the area, which looks much like the shrinking circle or zone you find in such games.

To add further fuel to the fire, data miners have also found evidence to support the theory, with one user sharing on Reddit a new battle royale map that they apparently managed to find their way into through bug exploits. A full video was posted of the map, which you can see here.

So while not official, it does seem very likely that Battle Royale is on the way. 


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