Mods are no longer coming to Fallout 4 or Skyrim on PS4

By FileTrekker 8 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

We know, you got sick of hearing about it, that's why we created our handy state-o-meter to keep track of the affair without 1001 articles flooding the page. Fear no longer, though, the drama is finally over: Bethesda have officially decided to call it a day, due to lack of co-operation from Sony.

In a statement that has just been released, Bethesda said;

[quote]After months of discussion with Sony, we regret to say that while we have long been ready to offer mod support on PlayStation 4, Sony has informed us they will not approve user mods the way they should work: where users can do anything they want for either [i]Fallout 4[/i] or [i]Skyrim Special Edition[/i][/quote]

This is a going to come as something of a crushing disappointment to PS4 fans of both titles, who were promised mod support way back in May, when Xbox One and PC users got the feature.

It does beg the question though: why did Bethesda promise the feature before they got approval from Sony to fulfil the scope of what they wanted to achieve? While it's not particularly great on Sony's part either, it's understandable that they don't want to share proprietary technologies with mod developers, specifically, there were issues around Sony's proprietary audio technologies.

I have to say I feel sorry for Bethesda on this one, though. While they should absolutely have made no promises before finding out they were okay to do this, it makes no sense to me that Sony are protecting the keys to a kingdom that ultimately will yield them no benefit, it's very much the same mentality that companies such as Apple or Nintendo have taken in the past, and it ultimately just harms the consumer.

Not all hope is lost, though. While the project is shelved for the moment, Bethesda say they're open to re-evaluating the situation should Sony ever change their minds. In the mean time, if you're looking to mod games on console, now would be a good time to consider an Xbox One.


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