Morale at Bungie is reportedly at rock-bottom amid fears for the future

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

Reports coming in via IGN suggest that morale amongst staff at Bungie is at an all-time low, following recent layoffs and reports that Destiny 2 player numbers are plummeting, along with the studio's revenue.

According to the report, higher management at the studio are dismissive of player and employee concerns, with one employee stating that "It feels like many higher-ups aren’t listening to the data and are like, ‘We just need to win our fans back, they still like us’," adding that "they don’t… We got rid of some of our most knowledgeable beloved folks who have been here for 20+ years. Everyday I walk in afraid that I or my friends are next. No one is safe."

Employees are also concerned that the studio could lose its independence in the near future, and be absorbed either partially or entirely into Sony, following the layoffs of more than 100 employees back in October. Among those let go were key personnel, including composers Michael Sechrist and Michael Salvatori, along with many of the community teams and social media folks.

The report suggests that since these layoffs, Bungie have continued to implement harsh cost-cutting measures, with hiring completely frozen, travel budgets slashed, and bonuses also stopped, along with other employee benefits.

Serving as a backdrop to the turmoil internally is the delay of The Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2, which was planned as the final saga to the story that kicked off way back in the original Destiny. There's a lot riding on it, with many feeling that Bungie can't afford to get this one wrong, but that the studio is in a difficult position with many team members gone, and community sentiment at an all-time low.

One employee suggested that if The Final Shape didn't perform well, that "we're definitely looking at more layoffs" while others at the studio muse that Bungie would loose it's status as an independent subsidiary of Sony. This would mean the loss of Bungie CEO Pete Parsons, after a 21 year run at the company, and likely company co-founder Jason Jones and CTO Luis Villegas.

It's been a spectacular fall from grace for the company, which had been the golden goose amongst gamers for many years. We'll be sure to provide any updates on the situation as we learn them.


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