More Gears 5 details revealed at PAX West

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

We learned plenty of new information about Gears 5 at their panel at PAX West this past weekend, so here's a roundup of what we gleamed, including the confirmation that the game will have a map that's 50x larger than any previous map in the Gears of War franchise.

The Coalition's Rod Fergusson confirmed that the map would be "fifty times larger" than any previous level they've done before. It'll feature within the single player campaign, but as for what the map will contain, we don't yet know. Still, it's an interesting acomplishment and really shows how the game will set itself apart technically from previous entries in the series.

Also confirmed would be the inclusion of the Skiff, which will allow players to transport through the Gears 5 campaign. It'll be a sort of hub where players can engage in new side missions, change weapon loadouts or find collectibles, for example. 

Furgusson called the feature a way to give players a bit more control over their journey through the game and to have a bit more choice over the pace and activity that you can partake in.

There's also going to be a new companion bot in the game called Jack, who apparently provides various benefits to the player, such as cloaking them, meaning they can choose to hide from a combat situation rather than just engage every time.

The whole panel is available now on Twitch here.


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