More images of Steam's new design leaked

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Images of the new and improved interface for Steam's library, and now it seems some game pages, have leaked via twitter account Steam Database, allegedly sourced from an update to the Chinese CS:GO launcher, which contained the images.

While these images aren't confirmed legitimate at this moment in time, they do look very consistant with the official redesign Valve themselves previewed back at GDC earlier this year. 

The new interface is a much needed improvement, featuring a clean, flat UI, and large game thumbnails, akin to a store shelf with games on them, as well as a massively improved category system, which leverages game tags, allowing you drill down into game types much easier than before.

Other enhancements include the friends list now being integrated into a right-hand column, which should make finding games to play with friends that little bit easier. You can easily see recently played games at the top, and customizable thumbnail sizes for the games list.

Another cool addition is the ability to do a search, and then save that search as a "collection", giving you easy access to the games you want.

The game pages themselves have also had an update, with a new layout that gives more focus to livestreams and game updates, and an activity feed so you can easily see which friends have been playing that game recently.

While there's no release date yet, Valve have stated they expect the new library to launch sometime over the summer, and this new leak implies that date may be sooner rather than later.

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