Mortal Kombat XI has had secret brutality variants all along

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It's rare to see something go unnoticed for very long in video games these days, given the proliferation of information shared online, but surprisingly, it appears Mortal Kombat XI has had a few secret variations on character brutality finishers that nobody had noticed.

It was discovered by YouTuber Dynasty, who, while playing as Cassie Cage, managed to do a version of the Get Yo Ass Beat brutality that, in addition to the usual punching of her opponent repeatedly in the face until they no longer had one, blew their head off completely with a gunshot for good measure.

 Apparently, you can check this out for yourself by doing the regular move, but then following it up quickly with left trigger, right trigger, down and A / X (depending on if you're Xbox or PS4).

Perhaps there are other variations on brutalities that are as yet undocumented, but I'm sure people are now going to be looking extra hard to find them.


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