Motorsport Manager Gets Workshop, Competition

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Published by Serio 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

I was gonna start this article with some pun involving Motorsports, but I just couldn't manage it. So instead, here are the facts; Motorsports Manager has received Steam Workshop integration, and you can win big with it.

More specifically, you can win a nice, solid chunk of cash amounting to £1000 is available to one lucky designer. All you have to do is design a piece of car livery, and enter it into the competition on the game's website. 

The winner not only gets their mod implemented into the game as part of the standard package, but their likeliness will be entered in as a driver, too! So you can decorate your car, and crash it too!

But let's get onto the fun stuff, shall we?

The competition is to celebrate the launch of Motorsport Manager's very own workshop, allowing you to design and upload - and of course download - entire vehicles, liveries, and many more potential addons.

Here's a list of the different objects that can be modified and created for the game;

  • Game databases (eg. drivers, teams).
  • 3D models for cars and car parts (eg. front wings)
  • 3D models for Headquarters buildings 
  • Car Liveries
  • 2D Art Atlases (eg. sponsor logos, team logos)
  • Driver Portraits
  • Transition Videos
You can check out the competition and patch announcement by clicking here.

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