Motorsport Manager Mod - F1 Manager 2021 Review

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

F1 Manager 2021 is a new mod for Motorsport Manager on the PC. It is a conversation for the game that brings you into the 2021 season where for example Carlos Sainz has joined Ferrari and the new Aston Martin team is in place, albeit with the old Racing Point livery which I assume will be corrected shortly. 

The mod is brilliant and allows you immerse yourself into the new season with updated liveries, drivers, teams, stats, budgets and team headquarters. I usually play the Fire and Fantasy mod but this time have decided to give this mod a try to break the cycle and it has proved to be a good challenge and markedly different from it's rival. And it's not just Formula 1 it changes, there are updates to Formula 2, 3, Indy Car and Indy Car Lights and the World Endurance Champion so if you really wanted to work your way up from Formula 3 you can do that with all updated elements.

There are a few things the mod author is working on and from my testing of the mod it seems as though the tyre wear and fuel usage is extremely low, one one occasion if you started with the medium tyre you didn't need to stop. If a rule can be mandated that you need to make at least one stop that would be great as I personally find the tyre wear good rather than constantly panicking about it in the Fire and Fantasy mod which at times can blow your strategy out of the water and get frustrating. On the other hand some people may like that style of play but on this occasion I'm finding my time playing the F1 Manager Mod very enjoyable and if you want to see more of the mod before downloading it then feel free to watch my let's play series and review below, more episodes will be coming out during the week so you can get a real feel for the mod, head on over here to the Steam workshop to check it out.:


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