Ms. ‘Splosion Man Walkthrough

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Posted on July 11, 2011, GameFront Staff Ms. ‘Splosion Man Walkthrough

Twisted Pixel triumphantly returns to their original success with a sequel — Ms. ‘Splosion Man. Defeat the devious machinations of multiple crazed science-types all around the globe in this new and improved ‘Splosion experience. That’s right, Ms. ‘Splosion Man leaves the lab to explode in all new locations with all new deadly traps. The hardcore platforming action doesn’t stop at just one Ms. ‘Splosion Man, bring a friend for a truly crazy co-op experience.

If the excitement of a full text and video walkthrough isn’t enough, check out Gamefront’s achievements and cheats pages.

Table of Contents

World 1 World 2 World 3

World 1

Level 1.1 – The Prologue

For a prologue, this level is shockingly long. A lot of basic skills are learned here, so this level’s walkthrough will be more in-depth than those to follow.

  1. Use a triple jump bouncing back and forth to get up the first wall. You’ll find your first blue barrel (blow it up to throw yourself forward) and your first zipline (simply land on it to ride). Ride the zipline to the end and let it hurl you forward. You’ll have to explode yourself to fly off the end of the next zipline, however.
  2. This will bring you to your first continue point, and another barrel. Remember, when you see a tile with a barrel on it, it’s a “button” to make a barrel appear. Walk past the button, and then detonate the barrel that appears to move on. You’ll repeat this maneuver two more times until you reach a vertical chamber. Do two triple jumps to move up until you reach another continue point.
  3. Another triple jump will take you up, and then there’s another barrel jump. You’ll have to jump this time to deploy the barrel, and then hold right hard to reach the next ledge. Another barrel jump follows.
  4. Continue to the right to start riding more rails, and you’ll hit four of them in a row. Remember, you have to splode yourself from one to the next or you’ll fall off.
  5. SHOES! Find your first pair of shows up and to the left here before you move on. After you reach the ledge on the right via barrel, simply jump to the left and splode yourself twice more to cross the gap.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Hell Hath No Fury, 5 points. You get this achievement for blowing up just 10 pieces of lab equipment. It’s pretty straight forward and so long as you keep blowing up those computer consoles, you’ll have it before the end of the level.
  7. One more rail will throw you to a barrel, which throws you to a scientist, then another zipline, which will throw you off, and you’ll reach the next continue point. Blow up your first super-powerful green barrel to move on…
  8. BOSS: After a brief cut scene, you’ll be running from a giant robot, the Mighty Eternal. Getting through this section is simply a matter of timing. Use the green barrels to propel yourself forward. Jump once to reach them, and then again to explode and fly forward. The third barrel you have to hit a barrel “button” to reveal, then again to blow, so you’ll be exploding for the third time when you are launched.
  9. After the cut scene, you’ll have another running sequence as the robot chases you. This sequence is more vertically oriented. After a long hallway and a continue point, you will drive yourself upwards with explosions and barrels. Hit the buttons to reveal the barrels and keep moving up. After you hit the top, there’s another long journey to the right, including another barrel jump. In the next large room, you’ll throw a barrel at the robot. Bounce off the left wall, pass the barrel button, and the blow up on the red and black barrel. Then just keep heading right.
  10. Get on the elevator it will start automatically. The robot will chase you, but he won’t catch you here. Move on, past the next continue point, and you’ll barrel jump over a piece of robot. To the right you’ll barrel jump again to catch a zipline, and see the robot pass behind you. Nifty! Splode at the end of the zipline to hit a green barrel and really catch some air.
  11. BOSS BATTLE: Now it’s on! The weak spot is pointed out as the robot’s eye, but if you can hit the head, that’s close enough. The basic trick is wall jumping to the barrel, then letting the explosion carry you close to the robot’s head, where you just pop. He’ll be attacking while you do this, but it shouldn’t matter because you’re in the air. You’ll do this four times in total, in two pairs. After that sequence, wait until the robot throws a rotor at you. Do a wall jump to get enough air to let it harmlessly pass under you.
  12. The next trick is a bit harder. You’ll barrel jump twice to a zipline and then off the zipline to the robot. The trick here is to approach the lower barrel from the right, near the robot. This will carry you into the second barrel, and then hold right to reach the lowest point of the zipline. Prepare to jump again almost immediately, and you’ll land on the robot’s eye!Keep sploding and you’ll do some more damage, he’ll get angry, and then you do it all over again!
  13. After the second go-round, you’ll be in an interactive cut scene. It’s pretty forgiving, but just punch the button everytime the word “Splode” appears on the screen. Sometimes it’ll stay there, and you need to keep punching it until the word pops. That’ll be the end of this boss sequence. And yeah, in case you haven’t seen the greatest movie of all time, that’s a reference to Predator right at the end there. Simply enter the doorway on the right to finish the level.

Level 1.2

  1. Move to the right, do a triple jump and you’ll crawl up the ledge to meet your first real enemy, Beardy. He’ll fire a slow-moving round at you. Jump up and over, and toast him. Keep moving, jump the pit, toast another Beardy, and continue. Over another spike pit there’s the first barrel jump of the level. Continue to ascend and kill another Beardy. One more barrel will take you to another enemy. another more barrel and you’ve reached the first continue point!
  2. The next Beardy is waiting for you at the top of the next triple jump, when you won’t have any splode left. He may cap you a few times before you get the timing right: Ideally wait a second or two before the third jump and you’ll land while he’s facing the opposite direction. Then: Spike pit, Beardy, barrel, barrel, and a big fall. If you fall dead center you can kill two shooters at once when you land!
  3. Head to the right and you’ll enter the first Splode Cannon. This path is very straightforward, and you’ll finish up on a zipline, which will throw you into a final Cannon. Fire yourself straight to the right, hit that barrel, and keep going for another continue point.
  4. Next is your first real puzzle. Jump across the pit, kill the Beardy, jump across the next pit and hit the barrel button. Then go back to the beginning. Above the barrel is a Cannon, but this one you can control. Aim yourself to roughly 2 o’clock and fire yourself to the next Cannon. That deploys the next barrel, and you can move on.
  5. SHOES: If you look at the top left hand corner of the puzzle room, you can actually see the shadow of these boots. Just hop up in the cannon and fire yourself up into the upper left corner.
  6. Jump bounces will move you up through the next section, where two Beardies are waiting up top. A barrel will take you into the next Cannon, and if you time it correctly it will move you onto a zipline. Time your jump off the end of it to hit a green barrel and land in the next Cannon, which will move you forward in very dramatic fashion. Another cannon, which you will aim, brings you to the next continue point.
  7. A simple ascension and you’ll be looking out over hovercar traffic. This is a very straightforward platform section, and you can grab these just like ledges, so if you screw up, a quick double jump might get you without grabbing distance. Proceed to where the traffic gets thicker and stay toward the top. There’s a cannon, and you move on!
  8. Keep moving to the right and you’ll find another Cannon and enter traffic again, this time going the other direction. Bomb the barrel and it will pop you to a Cannon and keep going with the hovercars. Do it one more time, and you’ll find the finish.

Level 1.3

  1. Ride the elevator up, hit the barrel button, and use the green barrel to throw yourself onward. Stand in front of the whozit so it turns green, and when the platform on the left is about halfway down, use it to bounce to the next barrel button and then to the next green barrel. One more green barrel tosses you up and over. Keep going to the next continue point.
  2. The next target will bring you into the range of the green targeting laser, but you can ignore it unless you get closer. Let the platform get all the way to the left, then bounce off of it, past the button, and punch the barrel to move up and onto a zipline. Jump off the end of it to blow up a computer and de-arm the laser. Use a triple jump to move onto the next continue point.
  3. Hit the barrel button and then jump into the green barrel to move on into a Cannon. Point the cannon at the next barrel and blow yourself up to move to the left. Drop through the floor to get the drop on two Beardies, and then go down to kill two more. Then, do it one more time. At the bottom, head to the left, away from the red wall. Bounce out to the green barrel to play in traffic some more.
  4. Here you’ll head out to the left and then drop down after a head-on collision. Proceed back to the right again, avoiding collisions, and then jump to the barrel. The barrel will bring you to a Cannon, which leads to more. The final Cannon you’ll have to aim at the green barrel, which will throw you back to the left onto a zipline.
  5. SHOES: Proceed to the left instead of going up the last jump, blow up the laser in the ceiling, and grab those sneakers!
  6. To complete the level, simply use the barrel to propel you to the left to double jump to the finish.

Level 1.4

In case you never played Splosion Man, the rolling robots can only be destroyed by getting behind them. You’ll see them for the first time in this level.

  1. Hitting the “targets” that activate platforms, etc, in this level is essential. Do it twice to deactivate the panels between you and the rest of the level, then there’s three Beardies and a ‘bot to kill as you climb. Triple jump up to the first continue point, and then you’ll find the level’s first puzzle.
  2. Place yourself before the targets to move the platforms. You can do this in order. Stand in front of the first one until the platform comes through the laser. Then jump on it to activate the second target, then jump up to the third. After the highest platform is on your side of the laser, use it to jump up and over to the platform suspended over the pit. Jump over the pit to move on.
  3. There are more targets in the next section, you’ll have to fly through them to deactivate the lasers. Use the barrels to arch up through the targets and then on to the next platform. Use the third barrel to blow yourself back to the left, then keep going with the same technique. This will bring you to a Cannon, and then a series of Cannons. Fire carefully through the lasers, and at the last Cannon, wait until all three lasers are off before firing yourself onward.
  4. SHOES: After you discover the Cannon beneath the glass in the floor, you’re near the boots. Shoot yourself up, but instead of moving on, fire yourself back down and to the right when the gun rotates all the way in that direction. Boots!
  5. For puzzle number two, use the target to lower the vertical platform on the left halfway down. Bounce off it to the Cannon, then fire yourself at the Cannon behind the glass. Use this to reach the two targets up and to the right. Use the farthest right target first, bringing the horizontal platform through the laser. Then use the left target to bring the vertical platform down to meet it. Drop into the Cannon below you, bounce off the wall you just brought down, and go up and over the platforms to the right.
  6. Blow up the computer to deactivate the laser and then drop down and keep going to the right. You’ll find another continue point. Use the barrels to blow yourself upward, avoiding or destroying the robots along the way. Proceed to the right, and you’ll find the finish!

Level 1.5

  1. The red dot and flag for this level denotes that it is very challenging and it isn’t necessary to move forward. This level is all ziplines, and even with instructions, prepare for some trial and error.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Drop off the rails rather than exploding by pushing down and a button. You’ll be doing this a lot this level.

As soon as you’re on the first rail, jump up twice as soon as you can. As soon as the second laser passes beneath you, drop twice in rapid succession, and then a third time as soon as possible. At the end of the next rail, jump to your right. Then drop again as soon as another rail is beneath you. Now you’ll be sliding back to the left. Wait till you get to the end and drop down to the next rail. Then jump off the end of the last rail to hit a green barrel. Ride the next two rails, doing nothing, and blow up the next green barrel. Jump off the end of the rail that carries you to the left, and ride the next one until you see the lasers. Time your jump right simply to clear them. Let yourself be thrown off the end of the last zipline, and then blow the next barrel which will throw you through glass, a continue point, and past another barrel. Unless you’re quick on the draw, you’ll fall into space and start from here. SHOES: You may get these by accident. The trick is not dying after you get them. From the green barrel at the continue point, jump to the first zipline, use the blue barrel to move to the next, then jump to the higher of the next pair of ziplines, and then drop immediately. If you don’t drop fast enough, you’re toast. From the continue point, blow the green barrel, which will put you on the zipline, which will take you to a blue barrel, which leads to the next zipline. Jump to the higher of the two that come next and then immediately drop down and then jump up. Drop down again as soon as you can, then down again. Ride this next zipline to the end, and then look for the barrel button. Jump to hit it and then let yourself be thrown off the end, then detonate the green barrel. You’ll hit a line sloping steeply down to the left. Jump when you see the lasers to reach the next line. Then jump to hit the barrel button, then the next barrel, and make sure you’re angling to the right so the barrel explosion throws you to the next button. That deploys a green barrel, which will throw you into the final chamber, with the finish.

Level 1.6

This is the first level where you will encounter the snow blowers that make you unable to splode!

  1. Jump up and bounce off the left wall to reach the platform above you. Hit the target to drop the scientist and move forward. The first trampoline will take you to a platform with two Beardies, and the next will bring you face to face with one before a puzzle.
  2. Cross the glass platform to drop the barrel and the proceed off the left wall. Activate the barrel drop so that a green barrel falls on the moving platform and then immediately cross to the Hazard target so that the laser turns off, allowing the green barrel to drop all the way down. Splode it to keep going.
  3. You’ll pass a continue point and then go off a tramp up a massive vertical hall. The yellow-lit panels recharge your splode, and you’ll see them again soon. One-two-three-four you will go off a trampoline and blow up a green barrel. The fourth will take you out into the open air, where you will keep going up on more tramps and then you’ll do the barrel trick again.
  4. Cross the giant glass platform, drop the green barrel, and then walk back to where it will fall down. Don’t do it fast enough and you’ll get zapped.
  5. SHOES: Follow the green barrel closely, and as soon as you pass a light panel, charging you up again, blow up the green barrel and you will fly off to the left where you will find some very stylish sneakers.
  6. Follow the barrel until the walls open up and then drift to your left. Follow the passage down and use your splode to pop to the right when you hit bottom, using another green barrel to fly to safety. In this next section, if you don’t proceed quickly enough, a scientist will pull a lever and shoot you with a massive set of lasers.
  7. Use the tramps to leap up to the platform, hit the target, and move forward quickly. Avoid springing too high with the second tramp to miss the choppers in the ceiling. Keep moving forward, and you’ll walk into the finish!

The Mall

By know you will have noticed that every time you complete a level you’re clearly earning currency. The MALL is where you spend that on game modes, videos, and so forth.

ACHIEVEMENT: Credit Card is Maxed, 20 points. Earn enough currency, and earn an achievement for buying everything that isn’t nailed down.

Level 1.7

  1. As soon as you move in, you’ll see another friend from Splosion Man. Remember, it usually takes three full jumps to get out of the Compactor, so jump to the right if you want to come out moving to the right, or vice versa. Move up to the next level, and then bounce off the left wall to hit the target. This will activate another Compactor and also let you move on to the continue point.
  2. This next puzzle looks more complicated than it is, just don’t get ahead of yourself. When you hit the target, immediately use the green barrel to throw yourself at it. Then, bounce off the same wall again to hit the Hazard target, and then launch off the next green barrel. Bounce off the Compactor to hit the blue barrel, and aim yourself into the top left corner. Voila.
  3. Ascend the hall to another continue point and the pink walls, which allow you to splode as much as you like. Be careful of lasers, and setting off a barrel will almost certainly kill you, however it’s not too hard to stay in control here. Hit the three Hazard targets to deactivate lasers so you can continue, and then bide your time for the on-off lasers.
  4. SHOES: Immediately after finishing with the pink walls, face back to the left and slide down the wall, in the gap between the laser and the wall. You’ll drop right onto a pair of boots!
  5. You’ll remember these rotating platforms from the original game as well. Leap off the first to the left to use the barrel to wall jump to the second. The timing on moving up to the third is a bit ticklish. Wait for your platform to move you through the barrel button instead of setting it off. Then leap to meet it and splode the barrel to reach the third rotating platform. Wall jump up, and then negotiate two Compactors before you reach safety.
  6. Use a wall bounce to release a barrel, meet it in mid air, and use it to catapult to the next ledge. Remember to hold right as you hit the barrel for maximum distance. Wall bounce up to the next ledge, and then hit the green barrel to ascend. Another wall bounce and another green barrel bring you to the next continue point and then some more pink walls. You’ll have to be patient with this go-round, it gets a lot more complicated. Hit the Hazard target to continue.
  7. SECRET EXIT: Same idea as the shoes earlier in the level, after moving past the pink walls, slide down the left ledge between the wall and the laser. Use the small block of pink to stop your fall and jump to the right. There’s a normal finish, only it leads to a new, hidden level!
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: To The Conservatory, 15 points. Awarded for finding your first hidden exit.
  9. Now you’ll reach stretches between pink walls, so conserve your splodes, use them to redirect yourself as necessary. Moving forward it straightforward enough here, it just might take a few tries. Remember to hit the barrel moving to the right, or the momentum will carry you into lasers. Pass the continue point and then hit the purple trampoline. Bounce up the Compactor as quickly as you can. Once you hit the pink wall, start sploding straight up, not bouncing, or you’ll run out of time. Once you’re at the top, there’s another continue point!
  10. The next part requires excellent timing. Hit the green barrel, and then don’t splode till you’re on the pink wall. If you do it early, you’ll simply die faster. Then comes the Compactor, and it’s the opposite of the last one. Splode up until the pink wall runs out, then start bouncing. That will bring you to another pink wall where you need to make a leap of faith to deploy and then explode a barrel. That will catapult you to the next pink wall, where you will need to get your timing right to kill the Beardy waiting for you.
  11. Hit the next continue point and watch for another Beardy. You can take your own time with this next puzzle. Each of the buttons releases a red barrel, which you need to splode. Fortunately, they’ll do their job wherever they are in their trajectory, so you don’t have to chase them. After both are blown up, your path will open to the finish.

Secret Level 1.8

NOTE: If you don’t know how to get to this secret level, hop back here to find out how!

  1. SHOES: Right off the bat, instead of leaping to the left after the third trampoline, jump as far as you can to the left. You’ll find boots and a tramp that will throw you back the way you came.
  2. Move up the trampolines up and to the right and then back left. Jump over the lasers to activate the barrel and them jump back the way you came immediately. If you time it right, you’ll meet the green barrel on the way back down and be flung to the right.
  3. Bounce up and off the wall, triggering the barrel on the way, and then blow the barrel to fly up and to the right, leading to a zipline and the first continue point. Another zipline will end and throw you toward another tramp, where there’s another green barrel jump, which leads to several more. Finally, you’ll hit a Cannon and fire yourself to the right, where the next continue point is.
  4. Take the zipline to your right, time your jump to go between the lasers and splode the green barrel when you cross its path. This will bounce you off a trampoline and then carry you to a very difficult challenge. Simply bounce back and forth between the two tramps, over the laser. If you splode, it will disrupt your smooth back and forth, and you’ll get zapped. When you bounce in, hold left so you start toward the left tramp immediately, otherwise you’ll just bounce up and down. When the wall is in place, simply bounce off it and hit the barrel.
  5. The stretch between you and the finish line is thankfully simple. You’ll land in a cannon, you fire yourself straight to the right and start bouncing up. If you don’t interrupt yourself, its a smooth trip. There’s one simple green barrel interaction and when you reach the top of the tramps, there’s a zipline that you can jump off the end, two more bounces, and you’re at the finish.
  6. STAR ROAD! Look familiar? It seems like there was another game… After defeating 1.8, you will see a shiny path that leads off the map. This leads to Star Road, ala Super Mario World, although there are NO LEVELS here. It’s just fancy.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Found Star Road, 15 points. You found Star Road. Dur.

Level 1.9

  1. Right away, meet the switching platform. When you splode, it will move, and if you splode it again, it will return. You’ll see a lot of them soon. Hop off this one to move forward. The next platform you’ll use to bounce off the wall and over the pit, and when you land, there’s a Beardy to wreck. Splode the platform to move on and hit the first continue point.
  2. SHOES: When you reach the first pit of green goo, instead of going up and over the switching platform, you want to use it to ascend the wall to your left. The simplest way to do this is to hit the left wall and slide down until your splodes recharge a bit.
  3. Head all the way to the right to activate a vertical platform. Return to it and bounce off it to reach the barrel, which will throw you all the way up and to the right. Move on and you’ll have your first encounter with Mandy, a scientist suit that will help you get past security measures. Sploding Mandy will give you a bigger jump, so use her to reach the next ledge, and then you’ll reach the next continue point.
  4. Move in front of the target to lower a platform that you can use to bounce to the Mandy target. Use that to move past the laser. Splode out of her to move up, and barrel jump to the next ledge and another continue point. In the next room, stand in front of the target until the platform is as far right as possible. Then jump on the trampoline to reach said platform, hit the green barrel, and keep wall jumping all the way up to another trampoline and another barrel jump. That will drop a Mandy way down below, and turn off the lasers. Drop into the Cannon and let it blast you back where you started. Hop into the Mandy, drop onto the trampoline, and walk past the security laser.
  5. Jump out of Mandy and over the weight to reach the next continue point. Blast the platform you’re on to drop into more hovercar traffic. Time your splosion until a car is easy to reach below you. Hop from car to car until you reach a barrel, use it to leap up and hit a barrel button. Return to traffic and keep moving right. Use the next barrel to hit another barrel switch, and then head back into traffic. Wait for a high car to leap from to bounce off the sliding wall and up to the Cannon. Fire yourself off the next wall to hit the green barrel and catapult forward, which will bring you to the finish.

Level 1.10

  1. Jump across the trampoline and hit the caution switch to open up the other trampoline. Drop the barrel and return to the switch so the barrel bounces. Hit the trampoline near you to meet the barrel in midair and drop a Mandy suit. Use this to proceed past the laser. Once past it, use the suit to boost yourself up to the switch above you and to the right. Hit the barrel and the switch to take out the scientist to the left.
  2. Triple jump up to the next section, where you’ll splode the black barrel and then the green barrel to leap up and onward. Repeat the process for your first continue point. Watch the timing on the three platforms that come next, and remember that using an extra splode to stay hanging in the air for a moment longer may just save your bacon.
  3. A triple jump moves you on again to more treacherous platforms. Ascend to the top and use the caution switch to deactivate the laser after you splode the black barrel to move on to the next continue. A pink wall section comes next. Drop to the bottom to activate the barrel and then splode up to meet it over the laser. The barrel will clear the way for you to proceed and face down a robot. Then follow the pink walls, avoiding the platforms, to continue.
  4. SHOES: This one is a bit of a pain. Jump along the pink wall until you reach the end. Then you’ll jump back onto the last platform. As it rises, jump over to the right wall, bouncing back over the laser and returning to the same platform. Then, leap back to the same wall again and bounce off to the second platform. From there, leap to your left and splode over to the shoes.
  5. After another continue, the next section comes very quickly. You will use a series of trampolines and green barrels to proceed. The timing is simple, but you’ll have to be consistent. The section ends with a double trampoline which leads to a Cannon, a continue and then another Cannon.
  6. Now you’ll be playing in hovercar traffic again. Hit a switch to open up the platform ahead of you, then leap forward and hit the green barrel to launch forward. Repeat the switch and barrel trick, only this time you’re going up to throw another switch. Drop down rather than jumping to return to your hovercar. In the next section, use the blue barrel to ascend, but wait to drop the black barrel until the hovercar is over the lightning. Drop down and splode the barrel to keep going.
  7. A blue barrel at the end of the hovercar’s journey will move you to the final continue point. The concept of this room is easy, but the execution may take a couple of turns. Splode the black barrel onto its journey, and use the switches to deactivate the blue panels in the way. The scientist dies, you move on. In the next section, jump up and touch the switch till the scientist is ejected, and you’re free to move to the finish.

Level 1.11

  1. Drop into the trampoline as the spiked platforms are retracting to leap the gap. For the next section, jump out, blow up the Beardy to shift the platform, drop the barrel and then splode to shift the platform back immediately. That will allow you to use the barrel to proceed to the first continue.
  2. You will ride the rotating platforms out to the barrel switch. Leap to hit it and you should fall right into its path, sploding it to move on. That will start a chain of deployed barrels and timed jumps to reach safety. Catch your breath and then use these two barrels to give you a safe place to land and to reach it. The next section looks scary, but so long as you keep hitting the barrels and the scientists, you’ll be just fine.
  3. When you bounce off the purple tramp, you’ll be holding right to reach the green barrel. Be patient, or you’ll splode too early. Hold right as you hit it so that you reach the next chamber. Move up to use another green barrel to keep moving.
  4. In the next section you’ll find a Mandy, which you will use to reach the next area. Keep ascending to reach the green barrel and splode to the next continue point. Bounce off the wall to the left to reach a switch and drop another Mandy and use it to pass the laser and drop off the edge. Use a controlled fall to move slightly to the right with the lasers, and the splode to exit Mandy and reach safety when you near the bottom.
  5. SHOES: After the second continue point, drop Mandy and use her to move to the left and drop through the freezing traps. You can now splode through the glass and claim your footwear.
  6. Drop down the dead center of the next fall to stay safe and find the final continue. Then splode the black barrel and then kill the scientist ahead of you. Run onto the platform and stay ahead of the spikes to reach the finish.

Level 1.12

  1. Triple jump up to your left to find a Mandy. That will allow you to safely reach the ledge to your right. Use the caution switch to move the platform beneath the barrel dropping mechanism and then…drop the barrel onto it. Then move the barrel all the way to the left. Return to Mandy and the drop down and move all the way to your right. Hit this switch to drop the barrel, return to it and splode it to complete the section by dropping through the new hole in the floor and finding a continue point.
  2. Race the first spiked ceiling to the hole in the floor. For the second one, you’ll want to splode about halfway toward the gap in the floor so you break the glass on your descent. Sploding on it means spiky death. For the third spiked passage, as soon as the ceiling moves up, run to the barrel switch and then back to the barrel. As soon as the ceiling rises again, splode the barrel to the right and chase it as fast as you can. Drop through the floor to safety and continue on when the ceiling rises again.
  3. For the fourth spiked ceiling, grab the zip line and drop off the end, just before it dips. If you jump or let it throw you off, you’re toast. That leads to another continue point and then rotating platforms with lasers. It’s not as hard as it looks, but when you reach the third one, don’t jump to the switch, but rather ride through it and then jump when the barrel falls and splode yourself up into a straightforward Cannon section.
  4. You’ll use the same pattern twice to move up this passage, bouncing high off a wall to release a barrel, and then meeting it on the descent to splode upwards. The second barrel takes you to a continue point.
  5. SHOES: Instead of proceeding forward to the continue, first use the switch on your right to lower a platform on your right. Then use the platform on the right to activate that switch, which drops another platform. Use that to splode yourself up and to the left with a barrel, where you will find a spiky room and sexy shoes.
  6. After the continue point, leap out onto the switching platform and use it to reach the next one. Timing is important here, as you will play chicken with the platform you’re standing, switching it back and forth to avoid spikes coming up from beneath you while a moving platform comes to rescue you. Leap onto the new platform to proceed up and to the right. The next section is a series of controlled jumps. Fall from the platform to hit the switch and reach the next platform. If you jump or splode, you’ll die. The timing changes between platforms, so don’t let yourself get into a pattern. At the end, you will have to splode to reach the zip line.
  7. Drop from the first zip line, jump from the next two, then drop from the last, which starts you sliding back to the left. Drop from that one and then let yourself be thrown from the last zip line. Use a high-reaching triple jump to get up and over the next obstacle, and then leap to the next zip line. Again, let it throw you from the end to reach the finish.

Level 1.13

  1. Triple jump up and then use the green pod to move on. These platforms can be treacherous, they’re great for a boost, but get too low on one side and they will chop you up. Use this platform to get the hang of them, as they reappear after a brief respite. Three more green pods are next, and if you wait until the first one is on its way up, you’ll get more than enough altitude to reach the next ledge and then the first continue point.
  2. Two different conveyors direct you to a barrel, which leads to a rotating platform. Use the barrel to launch yourself upward, but be cautious. If you hurry you’ll run out of splodes, and if you fall, you can’t reach the next platform again and you’ll have to blow yourself up to try again. Bounce off the switching platform above to the conveyor, take a breath, and then proceed. Be sure that when you splode back to the switching platform you jump as late as possible so you bounce off it very high up, giving you enough height to reach the next conveyor.
  3. Move to the left and follow the same advice, let the barrel carry you as far up as possible so you have enough height to land on the next conveyor. The next green barrel will through you forward through some glass, and you’ll reach another long conveyor. Another green barrel to another conveyor, to another barrel, only this one ends in a compactor, which will fly down and save you from getting zapped. Jump once to the left and then up and over to the right to find the next continue.
  4. This next puzzle can be a pain. Splode one black barrel to move the platform on the top left so it can catch the green barrel. Hit the left most switch to deploy said barrel. Splode another black barrel to move the platform, and then immediately stand in front of the target to deactivate the laser. When the green barrel is about to fall off the conveyor, run toward it, jump up and splode to hit the barrel. That will blow you to the right and you’ll want to jump immediately to hit the falling blue barrel. The timing of this might take a few tries. The blue barrel will blow you up to the LEFT to the conveyor. You may be able to splode yourself onto the first green pod, but it’s not worth the effort. Once you’re on the conveyor, it’s an easy leap to one green pod, then the second, to proceed to another continue.
  5. SECRET EXIT: Instead of proceeding to the right after the two green pods, simply leap up and to the left. You might need to splode yourself a couple of times to get onto the conveyor, but once you’re there, a simple wall jump takes you to the finish.
  6. The next section is simply a very tall vertical chamber with lots of green pods. It is important to remember that you don’t have to use all of them. Trying to hit every one on the way up will be more likely to get you killed than benefit your journey. Jump off to the right at the top and keep going for a continue.
  7. SHOES: From the ledge you just reached, leap back up to the left, use the extra splode from the splode charger to reach the green pod, and then bounce you to the high left. Sweet shoes!
  8. Jump out so you hit the switch and then haul to the end of the conveyor to meet the green barrel. It will throw you to another conveyor, and you’ll have to start running to your left immediately. Jump out to the left to find a switch and a green pod. Then take the next conveyor all the way to the right and jump to two green pods and then a fun trampoline event.
  9. You will use the blue barrel, from the far right switch, to launch yourself up to meet the green barrel, from the middle switch. You might have to retry it to get the timing, but if you don’t fight the trampolines’ bounces, you aren’t in any danger. You may have to use some extra splodes to stay in the right place. The green barrel will hurl you far to the right.
  10. Just hit the switch and watch the show! Then proceed to the right, where you’ll use the accordion bounce to move onward to the finish.

Level 1.14

Ouch. Brace yourself for a challenge. This level is all about momentum, leading from one stunt to the next, and if you stall, it’s all over.

  1. Barrel blast up into a double jump. Activating the barrel switch can be easier if you land on the narrow top of the vertical platform rather over it, but either way you’ll slide down it and bounce off to meet the falling barrel and launch yourself on. Easier than it sounds. That will throw you onto a platform that you will want to splode immediately, and then hit the green barrel. If you’re too slow: smooshed. The green barrel will throw you to a vertical hall of shifting platforms and you’ll want to bounce back and forth, focusing on moving to the side rather than UP. If you move up too quickly, you’ll leave the platforms behind. You might need an extra splode or two to reach the next platform to the right.
  2. Hit the barrel at the end of the conveyor to reach a zipline. Jump over the laser and then drop off the next zipline and jump off the end of the third. That will throw you into a Cannon series, which you will need to aim between the lasers. Aim the final Cannon at the green barrel to launch yourself forward, and then triple jump up the walls to, finally, find the first continue point.
  3. Above you on the right are two Beardies, so go up to your left to get more splode before you attack. Launch the barrel by bouncing off the left wall and hitting it in mid air to reach the ledge to your right. The button above you will move a wall in for you to bounce off. Walk up to it without sploding, and then bounce off it to the Cannon above. The second Cannon rotates automatically, so fire yourself right before it aims completely to the right to safely reach the next one. With the next Cannon, fire up a bit earlier than you think is necessary, or you’ll hit the laser.
  4. SHOES: When you jump into the first Cannon, instead of firing up, you’ll want to fire down and to your left, into the laser area, between 5 o’clock and 4:30. This will fire you under the protection of the vertical wall, and will bring in another wall to protect you. Stay under the horizontal shield while you move to the right, toast the scientist to kill the laser, and grab those sexy boots!
  5. Three more vertical Cannons will carry you to the next section where you will find another continue point. Now you’ll be at a giant pink wall section, where timing is everything. Once you reach the vertical section, a spike wall starts chasing you, but keep your cool. Jump up the left side and bounce off the last green pod to reach the next pink wall. Bounce straight up the middle, avoiding the pods until you hit the first barrel. Let it fall to you and then splode it to reach the next section. Repeat the strategy for the next section, where a green barrel will throw you on.
  6. For the next pink wall section, stay high and moving right, use the first barrel, and then start moving left so you reach the green barrel before the spikes reach you. The next section is about controlled falling, drop toward the first Hazard target, then over to the second on the right. The third target you’ll need to jump once back to the right to reach, but let yourself fall otherwise, then jump once more to the right to hit the final target. Fall straight through the center and you won’t touch any of the green pods, and then blow the green barrel to leave the section and reach the finish. Phew!

Level 1.15

  1. Meet Wheelchair Guy. When you splode him, he flies off in that direction, which makes him handy, if not also kind of pitiable. Leap the green pit and fall down the hole to find the first real section. You have to jump over this Wheelchair Guy to land on his left. That can be a bit dicey. If you splode him accidentally, hit the switch to deploy another one. Use a triple jump to reach the next section, splode the next WG to move on, and leap across the dropping platforms to reach the green pod. Watch your timing here, or you’ll be taking an acid bath.
  2. Splode another WG, drop down, and you’ll reach the first continue point. Drop down again to find yourself on a missile range. You have to kill the scientist to move on, so do it by leaping up and sploding the missile toward the scientist. Drop down again and deploy Mandy. Drop into the trampoline with her and jump up and slightly to the left to drop WG. Splode him to clear the path and then use Mandy again to move on. Leap up the next vertical passage to find the second continue point.
  3. Drop down again to find a death trap! Splode WG ASAP and follow him. Do NOT run all the way to the end but rather stop when he reaches the far side, and he’ll drop the bridge from under you. Repeat the process running back to your left, dropping twice rapidly onto a zipline. When you come off the end, be prepared to splode another missle, which will clear your drop. Be prepared to adjust your fall, as there’s a barrel switch below you that you have to fall through, and if you miss it, you have to start over.
  4. Try to stay dead center in the narrowing laser passages, and make sure to hit the splode recharger at the bottom or you won’t make it. The barrel you deployed should fall onto you and you can splode up to safety. You’ll reach a continue point and move on. Splode WG, follow him, hit the recharger, and then splode the barrel to move on. Double jump to move up and drop the barrel so you can leap out of range of the spiked wall. Triple jump up to continue.
  5. SHOES: Instead of sploding the WG that is at the top of the triple jump, use the glass passage above you to go over and around him. Proceed all the way to the right for shoes!
  6. Splode WG and stick with him. You’ll drop twice and then reach another acid pit. Splode another WG to break the glass floor and then use the two barrels to splode upward and to the left. Hit the continue point and stick with WG through the splode drainers and he’ll protect you from a missile. When you drop down, hit the WG and then both barrels to clear his path. He’ll toast the scientists and you can move on. If not, you can do the job yourself with the black barrel if necessary.
  7. Hit the final continue point. Once you enter the room, bounce off the wall on the left to hit the switch, and then hit the black barrel to clear your path. Cross the bridge to reach the finish.

Level 1.16

  1. After the cut scene, you will face the flying scientist. He actually has two weak spots, one in his backside, when he crashes, and then his windshield. Barrels will appear when he attacks in two different fashions. When he leaves the screen and comes at you side to side, you’ll have blue barrels. When he comes down at you from above, you’ll have green barrels. You’ll face both of these multiple times.
  2. The blue barrel strategy is simply to jump over him until he crashes, then splode him. The green barrel strategy is to use the barrels to blow yourself out of the way before he comes down on top of you. After these simple attacks, you’ll get a brief cut scene where he catches you in a claw. You retain control of yourself, but he can pull you toward him when you splode. Walking away can build distance between the two of you. When he uses his claw, you will need to deploy the barrel and then splode it, which will trap him. Then use the new green barrel to land on the zipline, and slide into him to splode the crap out of him.
  3. Repeat this process three times until the battle done. Then splode up to him to finish.

World 2
Level 2.1

  1. After a typically ridiculous video, you’ll head right, hit a trampoline, and a series of two accordion jumps. The second will throw you onto a rotating platform above some acid, so be careful. After that, you’ll see another accordion platform, but with this one you’ll need to drop a Mandy to act as the counterweight. You will bounce from one blue barrel to another, and then to a moving platform. You may need to splode a couple of times to keep yourself airborne long enough to land safely on the platform. Leap from there to the barrel switch, and meet the green barrel as you fall to hit the first continue point.
  2. This puzzle looks more complicated than it is. The trick is to hit both switches to the left one after the other. Unfortunately, you may have to splode over and reset the second accordion platform if you deploy Mandy too early. Ideally: Mandy launches the barrel while the accordion to the right launches you, you meet the red barrel in mid air and throw it at the scientist. Simple concept. The timing can take some work. That leads to the second continue point.
  3. An accordion platform gives you a serious launch up and over, then just keep moving to the right and down. You’ll find some acid, with a simple barrel jump over it which takes you to a cannon section. All but the first cannon are completely under your control, so moving forward is a snap. At the bottom, fire yourself right and do a triple jump to move up and onward to the next continue point.
  4. SHOES: In the third cannon, instead of firing to the right, aim yourself directly left. You’ll land in a secret cannon, and use it to fire yourself back. Now that you have a view on the angle, use the third cannon to fire yourself slightly above the third one, hitting the wall so you can triple jump up. Drop down onto the accordion platform, and shoes for you!
  5. Use the green barrel to leap up and over the accoridon platform and the lasers. You’ll be coming right back. On the far side, walk straight through the barrel switch and the platform switch. That will throw a blue barrel over to you. Hit the platform switch again and use the barrel to bounce off the platform when it is all the way on your left. That will throw you to the green barrel, which throws you to the cannon. Use the cannon to shoot straight down onto the accorion platform and voila: Dead scientist, deactivated laser, continue point.
  6. Use the wall to your left to drop a red barrel and splode that to drop a weight and release WG. That will cause the floor to drop from under you, so be sure to be standing over the gap! Also, when you land, the suspended platforms will drop fast, so move to your right lickety-split. The accordion jump will throw another WG up and to the right, and then you can drop a Mandy onto the left platform to launch yourself after WG. Follow him all the way to the finish!

Level 2.2

  1. Start sploding off to your right, staying on the platforms and avoiding the pink bots. When you reach the terrifying wall of blades, stay put, simply double jumping up to avoid the bots and hit the platform switch. When the platforms are within range, you’ll use them to triple jump up and on. As near as I can tell, sploding this poor WG does nothing in particular. Use the blue barrel to reach the next barrel switch and splode the red barrel to restore a floor to the room. Hit the green barrel to move on to a continue point.
  2. SHOES: When you’re on the long walkway in front of the giant statue, don’t blow the green barrel, instead keep walking to the right, drop down and you’ll find shoes!
  3. As you dash to the right, you’ll see a red floor of death start to ascend beneath you. Don’t panic, but keep moving! You’ll bounce off the right wall to hit a barrel to reach the realm of the green pods. Hit two of them to reach the far left wall, and then hit three more to cross all the way back again to the right. When you reach the top, you’ll find a simple vertical hallway where you splode a couple of WGs and use barrel jumps to move up. The red floor is still nipping at your heels, so when you reach the green barrels, they will move you quickly to the left and then up, out of the reach of death and to the continue point up and to the left.
  4. As you proceed up and to the right you will meet two robots, and then reach a section with those darn switching platforms. Watch them to get the pace and don’t forget to give yourself an extra splode to stay airborne if necessary. Three solid platforms loaded with pink bots will lead you to another switching platform fiasco. When you reach the end of that, you’ll have a continue point.
  5. In this next section you’ll splode a WG and then chase him down. A series of switching platforms are ahead of him, which will kill him if you don’t move them. So use the blue barrel to launch yourself, the green barrel to get ahead of him, and then splode off the switching platform to the next green barrel to keep moving forward. If you keep him alive, he’ll accordion bounce you to the next continue point.
  6. The floor comes up pretty quick here, so don’t hesitate. Haul all the way to the right, triple jump up into the room on the right, and then wall jump off the right wall to deploy the barrel. Jump back to the left to hit the barrel to land on a moving platform. Jump up to the right, avoiding the pink bot, hit the blue barrel, the switching wall, the green pod, and then you’ll be back on the same moving platform! Hop off to your right again into the opening, charge to the right, bounce off two trampolines, wall jump to a third, then wall jump from a barrel to a trampoline to a wall to a barrel and head back to the moving platform. The platform will stop abruptly, and as soon as it does, jump to hit the switch above you, and splode that barrel to leap up to a cannon which can fire you straight up to safety and another continue point.
  7. Move to the right and splode the red barrel. Then run to meet it, jump up and splode it on the way down. That will let you move on. You’re going to do the same trick again, but this time the red barrel will be bouncing back to you from a trampoline and you’ll have to use a blue barrel to meet it in mid air. The timing can be tricky, but ideally you’ll hit the red barrel and then the blue barrel without coming back down to the ground. That’ll drop a weight which allows you to keep going to the finish.

Level 2.3

  1. Head to the right, splode the WG that’s in the way and hit the rotating platforms. Avoid the lasers as you make your way to the last one. This is tricky, but if you keep walking off the right edge and dropping to the next platform, you’ll hit that switch eventually. That calls in a moving platform from the right, which leads to another one. Jump from the second moving platform to hit two blue barrels in a row, then a wall jump, which bounces you back to the left onto a zipline. Jump off the end, hit the barrel, land on the zipline, jump again to the green barrel, and you’ll fly up to more floating platforms. Move quickly to the left, as these platforms are ascending. Drop back down so you hit the barrel switch, leap across the platforms to the next green barrel, and it will launch you to the first continue point.
  2. Triple jump up and you’ll see the next puzzle. Note the switch which doesn’t help you yet. Triple jump up to the chamber on the top right, kill the scientist to move to the left, jump up the wall to reach a WG who will clear the way to a red barrel. Splode the barrel into the air, and then splode it again as it comes down to you. This will blow the glass ceiling and drop a weight. Use
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