My 2 and a half hour journey to find Onion Seeds in Valheim

By Mikey 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

It's Thursday, September 16th and Valheim has just released it's Hearth and Home update.

My friend messages me, with all of the hype in the world, "It's out!!!!" with a screenshot of Hearth and Home on Steam.

We log in and are making all of the appropriate noises, extending our respective bases on our dedicated server. Now, I won't lie to you friends, I am a hoarder in this game. Think a whole building with wall to wall chests, and a watchtower outside of my base full of portals to various bosses and biomes in case we need more.

I've done my fair share of exploring and in Valheim, with exploration comes great loot. All of the loot from my previous voyages and adventures are shared with my friends and are inside my chests in my house, so within the first hour or so of trying out Hearth and Home we had already built the Cartography Table, Coin Pile, Spice Rack, Pans and Pots, Stone Oven, Butcher's table, Obliterator and some I may be forgetting.

With all of that done, we were now turning our attention to recipes for the new foods, new meats from the animals, and seeds for the new vegetables.

A question was posed then, dear reader, one that started a two hour epic quest into the teleporter, to our Ashlands base, across Ocean and Plains, and into the Mountains. I will admit, we googled how to find Onion Seeds in Valheim - a fact that I am not ashamed to admit to, and I don't think any other self-respecting Valheim player would be either.

Upon googling, I found this helpful YouTube video by a user with the quite amazing name of MonkeyKingHero, and he told us that "You can find Onion Seeds in Mountain Biomes in the randomly spawned chests there, but it's better to find a mountain that you have not yet visited!"

We of course, disregarded the last part and headed straight to our Moder spawn - as Moder spawns on quite a large mountain range, and we knew there were several unlooted buildings there. Alas! We did not find any on our mountain range. Ah well, we also had an undiscovered Moder spawn marked on our map, which could only mean mountains. The problem? It was quite far away, across the Oceans, and we'd have to go between Swamp and Plains to get there.

So, bravely on we went, battling our way through the treacherous seas in a storm, with Thor himself gracing us with his presence on occasion, flying through the sky like Santa. Bravely we ran away from Fulings and Deathsquito's in the Plains. Like champions we soldiered on, battering our way through Wolves, Werewolves and letting Stone Golems beat themselves against the buildings we were looting.

The first building we come across? No onion seeds in the chest, just frost arrows. Still, a good find, but not a part of our mission.

The next building? Nothing of value, but another Stone Golem to run away from. Additionally, this was on a Moder spawn, so Drake's circling overhead, raining blue fire down upon us.

I was just about to call BS on the YouTube video and suggest we start the long trek home when finally, we spot a last, smaller building on the mountain. There, cradled in it's chest, were Three. Onion. seeds.

So there you have it. We now have 3 Onion Seeds to our name, and, Odin willing, they will be planted and multiply into many more.


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