Naughty Dog gives a behind the scenes look at The Last of Us 2

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The making of video games is something that has always fascinated me, but it's something we rarely see when compared to other media such as TV shows or movies. Perhaps this is to guard secrets, perhaps game developers are shy, who knows? In any case, Naughty Dog has bucked the trend by releasing a fascinating look at the making of The Last of Us Part 2, with various team members talking through the process of building the game.

It includes interviews from the game's programmers, art directors, and graphics teams, and includes a talk by Artem Kovalovs, a programmer on the game,  where he discusses the game's graphical effects including how blood, water and other effects are applied to character models and the game world. It's fascinating stuff, and there's plenty of similar content that really dives deep into just how these types of things are done.

There are similar presentations talking about optimizing the game's graphics to run on various different platforms, such as the PS4, as well as a close look at how the game's art team approached the game's ambient lighting and general atmosphere.

You can check out the content over at the official Naughty Dog website here.


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