Naughty Dog says The Last of Us multiplayer needs more time

By FileTrekker 4 months ago, last updated 4 months ago

According to a new statement from the studio, Naughty Dog's highly anticipated multiplayer game based on The Last of Us franchise seems to be stuck in development hell. Originally intended as an expansion for The Last of Us 2, the project evolved beyond initial plans and was transformed into a standalone multiplayer game. However, Naughty Dog has now gone on record confirming that the game requires additional time for development.

Naughty Dog recently released an announcement stating that the multiplayer game is not yet ready to be showcased and will require additional time for development. The studio expressed pride in the progress made thus far but emphasized the importance of providing the game with the necessary time to ensure its quality. The team at Naughty Dog will continue working on the project alongside other games in development, including an all-new single-player experience.

According to a recent article from Bloomberg, however, Naughty Dog's parent company, Sony, has slowed down the development of the multiplayer game. The number of team members working on the project has been reduced as Sony reevaluates the game's quality and viability. Interestingly, another Sony studio, Bungie, renowned for developing the popular live service game Destiny 2, influenced the decision to reassess the project's future. Sony sought Bungie's expertise in assessing its live service games and reportedly had concerns about the long-term prospects of The Last of Us multiplayer.

While The Last of Us multiplayer's delay may disappoint fans, Naughty Dog's announcement of a new single-player experience brings excitement. Known for their expertise in crafting compelling narrative-driven games, Naughty Dog has consistently delivered memorable single-player adventures. Although details regarding the new game are scarce, I anticipate an immersive experience tailored to showcase the studio's strengths.

Sony's commitment to expanding its presence in the PC gaming market is evident. Still, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan stated that the company also aims to increase the number of PS5-exclusive titles while staggering the release of PC versions. Consequently, it may be a while before these highly anticipated games reach PC platforms.


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