NCIS Crew Rocks Out to Guitar Hero

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Posted on October 29, 2007, Shawn Sines NCIS Crew Rocks Out to Guitar Hero

In honor of their 100th episode, the cast and crew of one of my favorite series received Xbox 360s and Guitar Hero II. Pauley Perrette who plays the show’s goth lab tech Abbey revealed the info in an interview on Metromix.

pperrette.jpgTypically, the filming of a show’s 100th episode ends with cake. What kind of cake did you get?
It was white, with gold around it, and it said “NCIS.” We were actually in the middle of a 13-hour day when someone brought it out. We took pictures with it and went right back to work. The whole thing lasted seven minutes. We didn’t even get to eat it.

So you don’t even know what kind of cake it was?
No. Though CBS did give everyone on our cast and crew an Xbox 360 and a copy of “Guitar Hero II.” And the reason that the cast appreciated that so much—and I would hope that any cast member anywhere would say this—is that usually gifts are given to the cast, but not the crew. Which is never fair. What are seven actors wandering around by ourselves going to do? We can’t make a TV show. It’s our amazing crew that keeps us going. But this time everybody got one.

So, really, when is the gaming industry going to pick up on this terrific show. Someone could make a decent Action RPG based off the series, as long as they didn’t turn it into a total point and click like the CSI games.

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