New Beautiful Katamari DLC is a Ripoff

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Posted on October 19, 2007, Chris New Beautiful Katamari DLC is a Ripoff

beautiful-katamari-boxart.jpgDon’t go running to your Xbox 360 to grab the new Beautiful Katamari content; unless you live in Asia, you don’t have access to this stuff. There are four new levels available for the game, each running you 200 Microsoft Points. I’ve got no problem with that, but it’s more the fact that, according to Destructoid, the downloads are only 384 kb, i.e. the content is already on the disc, and you’re purchasing a key to unlock it.

If you listened through the entirety of last week’s File-N-Forget podcast, you’ll know this is precisely what I ranted about. Downloadable content that amounts to nothing more than a ripoff; this is stuff you have right on the disc that you purchased, only you aren’t able to access it until you fork over even MORE money than you already have.

Sure, it doesn’t affect those in North America or Europe (for now, at least), but it’s not like this kind of practice hasn’t been pulled in this hemisphere in various games. It’s a practice that really needs to stop, and there’s no chance that’s going to happen until more people realize what’s happening.


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