New Dying Light 2 campaign DLC dropping later this month

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

Techland has confirmed that there'll be brand new story content for Dying Light 2 released in the next few weeks, known as Chapter 2: A Huntress and a Hag.

The new DLC will be the second story content to be released for the game and will tell the story of agent Shen Xiu, aka The Huntress. There'll be a number of deadly new challenges, enemies, bounties, and more introduced in the DLC, too. 

While there's no firm release date yet, Techland says it's going to drop in the next few weeks, so expect it before the end of the month, and probably around the time of Gamescom. There's some hints of what to expect in the video above, too, as brand manager Anna Kubica and one of the game's designers, Karol Langier, talk about some of the content that'll be coming in the DLC.

There'll be some fixes for the base game too, with patch 1.5 releasing alongside the new DLC, hopefully addressing some of the long-standing minor bugs and niggles.


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