New GTA 5 Screenshots for Your Enjoyment

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Posted on July 9, 2013, Ian Miles Cheong New GTA 5 Screenshots for Your Enjoyment

All new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5 have surfaced beyond the release of the game’s newest gameplay trailer, depicting all manner of scenes—parts of which were shown during the aforementioned trailer, and in previous screenshot releases.

In the first screenshot, we have a look at Franklin as he’s armed with a shotgun and appears to be shooting a man at point blank range in what appears to be a dark warehouse. The scene is reminescent of the first trailer, where Franklin can be seen blasting a dude with a shotgun to kingdom come.

In this scene, which was also captured in the newly released trailer, Michael can be seen holding a hostage as he hangs from a helicopter. Armed with a handgun, Michael takes shots at men in the building. Elsewhere in the distance and unseen in the screenshot, Franklin is armed with a sniper rifle that he uses to provide cover for Michael.

The Ammunation Gun Club is presumably the location where players can go to participate in the shooting range activity.

Nothing but a scenic view of the game’s environment.

A police car is in pursuit of one of the game’s protagonists, who makes a jump off a ramp. The police car appears to be equipped with an LED light bar. It’s the best detail we’ve seen of a police vehicle to date.

Michael, armed with an assault rifle, can be seen making a dash across the street in a robbery scenario that wouldn’t look out of place in Michael Mann’s Heat.

Trevor stands imposingly in front of a fully customized vehicle at one of the game’s 24hr Auto Repairs stores. The vehicle appears to sport a custom body and paint job.


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