New Indie Developer Takes Shot at Cloverfield Inspired Game

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Posted on April 16, 2008, Shawn Sines New Indie Developer Takes Shot at Cloverfield Inspired Game

grayshot.jpgPlanet X Fiction Interactive, a new independently operated game development company, has announced their non-profit PC game inspired by the popular “Cloverfield” movie has hit official production phase. The game, entitled Grayshot, is due for release to the internet November 30, 2008.

“The funny thing was that I wasn’t originally much of a monster movie fan until I saw Cloverfield,” Brad Johnson, owner of Planet X Fiction Interactive states, “I really enjoyed the movie so much that I wanted to assist another group of fans that were originally planning on creating a free fan-created Cloverfield video game.

The law firm for Paramount Pictures contacted me out of the blue while we were making the game and they were surprisingly all in favor of it. But they wanted the domain I had at the time which was so they could use it for their official Cloverfield video game. So this altered our plans a little bit, but I think in a very good way. The new video game that we are now entering into production stage will be a huge craving for any monster movie fan, especially Cloverfield fanatics.”

The newly converted Johnson has spent a great amount of time and effort polling monster movie fans to create the concept of the perfect video game monster. The game is being developed with the source engine as a mod for Half-Life 2, so interested players will have to pick up a copy if they want to play Grayshot. Since Half-Life 2 is a great game, you’d essentially be getting a two for one deal if you don’t already own it.

Although planet X is already running a mysterious viral campaign on line, official word on the plot and the monster are yet to be revealed. That’s not entirely surprising considering it’s a “Cloverfield” inspired game.

Planet X is going out on a limb with Grayshot, working with a meager budget in hopes of attracting attention and backing for bigger titles.

“I hope this is the road to something bigger,” Brad Johnson states, “I’d like to start making many other exciting video game projects after Grayshot. We’re hoping we can get some financial support from the community through generous donations. This will definitely help us to get the game done on time and also deliver something that the real monster movie fans have wanted to see get developed into a video game for quite some time.”

If the idea behind Grayshot has you intrigued, you can find more information on the title at

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