Customize your keyboard with Razer's new Accessory Kits

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Razer has announced a new range of keyboard accessories allowing lots of personalisation for both their mini and TKL keyboards. The accessory sets include the Phantom Keycap, PBT Keycap and the coiled cable upgrade.

The phantom keycap features dual-layer translucent pudding and stealth design which fits all Razer keyboards that gives you an ultra-minimalistic look as well as a brighter more vibrant clear display of keys. Check out more information on the keycap upgrades here.

The coiled upgrade set brings about an aesthetically pleasing look to your setup, the coil is designed to give that clutter free look as the cables remain flat either side connecting your keyboard to your PC whilst the coil does its job in maintaining that seamless connection.

The ergonomic wrist rest also looks incredibly cool to accommodate your Razer keyboard and protect your wrists. It is made from plush memory foam and comes in all sizes to fit your keyboards exactly.

Head on over to Razer for more info and take a look at the accessories and pricing.


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