New Steam Deck feature saves battery and stabilizes performance

By FileTrekker 21 days ago, last updated 21 days ago

There's a new Beta Channel update for the Steam Deck available today, and it adds a new feature that will help boost battery life by optimizing the performance of your games while you're unplugged from the mains.

The new Game Refresh slider gives you the ability to limit the frame rate of games while running on battery power and essentially combines the old Refresh Rate and Frame Limit sliders found in the current version of SteamOS. Unlike previously, you can now cap the frame rate of games to 10fps and 20fps, which, while seemingly very low, could save you some precious battery life. 

While 10fps is impractical for most use cases, 20fps could be perfectly serviceable for many types of games, such as city builders or narrative titles. Moreover, sometimes capping a game at a lower framerate can actually prove to be a more stable experience, with less frame bounding, especially on less capable hardware.  

Elsewhere, the new beta update fixes some issues and visual glitches, here's a full changelog;


  • Fix visual glitches when dismissing a context menu in main BPM UI while a game is running

Steam Input

  • Adjusted size/layout of the controller support information section in the configurator
  • Fixed the "Enable Steam Input" button not being shown on Deck when manually opting controllers out of Steam Input
  • Default shortcuts into Steam Input in the new PlayStation controller support mode instead of requiring each one to be manually opted in.

Preview Only

  • Unified the Refresh Rate and Framerate Limit settings in the Performance tab into a single slider. Using a single slider will enable the system to pick options that were previously not exposed, e.g. frame tripling a 20FPS game to display it on a 60Hz screen.
  • Added a toggle to opt-out of the unified refresh rate slider to Settings->Display->Advanced.


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