New trailer explores The Outer Worlds in detail

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We're really excited for The Outer Worlds here at GameFront - the new RPG from Obsidian, the developers behind the much acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, is shaping up to be a classic, with it's in-depth RPG elements and trademark humour. One thing that I'm also more curious to learn about though is the game's setting, and things to a new trailer, we can now see some more about where the game will take place.

The game takes place in The Halcyon System, which is features in the trailer above. The trailer is a bit like an advert for a tourist destination, albeit with a rather grim twist, which ties back into that trademark humour I mentioned earlier, with various worlds featured including "Terra 2" - which I assume will be very much Earth-like, and "Monarch" among others.

Terra 2 features so-called "Employment communities" - which are apparently designed to keep the settlers busy, but no doubt the true purpose behind that may be a little more sinister than it first appears. We also see some of the alien threats that inhabit the world. Monarch looks more like the "wild west" of The Halcyon System, being mostly wilderness and lots of alien enemies to contend with.

The Outer Worlds releases this October 25th, and personally, I can't wait.


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