New Unreal Engine 5 demo video shows off stunning environments

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

This new video from Epic, showing off the current work in progress from community Unreal Engine 5 developers, gives us an early look at some of the stunning worlds and graphical enhancements we can expect from the next-generation engine.

The work you see in the video below has been built in just a few months, since the developer tools opened to early access, making it all the more impressive. There are some pretty spectacular examples shown off here, and gives us a glimpse into what we can expect from games in the future. The new tools allow developers to build worlds at a much faster rate, which gives me real excitement for what we might be able to expect from larger studios.

In other news, Unreal Engine 4 now has access to the RTXGI technology that allows developers to create ray-traced lighting effects in games without the need for an RTX card. In fact, it'll work on DXR-compatible cards, including Pascal, and will allow ray-tracing style effects without the "prohibitive run-time performance" hit.

I'm pretty excited to see both of these technologies make their way into games in the near future. The first Unreal Engine 5 game confirmed is STALKER 2, which is due to release next year. Unreal Engine 5 itself is due to drop around the same time, in early 2022.


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