New Witcher 3 tool fixes compatibility for older mods

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

More commonly these days, games release major patches and updates post-release, to fix bugs and add new content. Often this can break mods and stop them from working unless the author updates the mod. The Witcher 3 was no exception, but now a new tool promises to allow older mods to work once again.

The tool, created by modder AeroHD, allows you to update mod scripts that are no longer compatible with the latest patches (1.30 and later) to make them compatible once again. If you have any mods that do not work with the latest patches, head over to this page to download the script / tool.

There's a little work involved in making the conversion, but if you're having compile errors, you can head over to this page and download an error fix mod which should solve your problems.

Handily, AeroHD has also created this handy video which will guide you through the process;

AeroHD posted a statement on his page about the mod, making sure to point out that this tool is simply for converting mods to be compatible, and is not intended for people to re-upload and redistribute other people's work:

“What started as a simple day 1 update on the mods I used in my load order, turned into a relatively large project of updating mods that 1.30’s patch broke. I am actively trying to update everyone’s favorite[sic] mods and hope to get your games in working order as soon as possible. Please keep in mind these creations are the product of the talented mod authors on the nexus, and if you use their mods — make sure you endorse them!“

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