New World has over 20,000 players queuing for popular servers

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

New World reached a huge peak of concurrent players when it launched yesterday, but a fair percentage of them weren't actually playing the game. Instead, many were simply queuing to get into some of the more popular servers, which can hold up to 2,000 players.

In fact, some servers saw as many as 20,000 players queuing, specifically those trying to join the US West El Dorado server. Strangely though, there were other servers on the west coast of the United States that saw queue numbers as low as single digits, so clearly, there are some weird issues going on. 

One possibility is that the El Dorado server was muted as the go-to to bump into big streamers such as Shroud, which may have caused players to try and pile into that particular server. There were similar problems on the US East servers though, with the Valhalla server seeing up to 24,000 players queuing at its peak. This may have been caused by a number of PvP guilds designating this server as their "official" server.

In any case, many servers were seeing huge queue times, even in other countries across Europe. In fact, at one stage, the EU server list itself went down and saw a total of 220,000 players queuing at one stage in the evening.

"Our sole focus right now is to get everyone logging in and playing quickly," said Amazon, who are now looking to add additional servers and increase the player cap on the current servers. Players can now also transfer their character to a preferred server for free at some stage in the next two weeks if you do get started on a server that wasn't your first choice purely because it had a low queue time.


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