New World is out now and has half a million players already

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The official release of New World has hit big, with the inaugural Amazon game already boasting more than 500,000 concurrent players according to SteamDB.

It's a huge number for a game that's not only a first for the studio and publisher but also has a price tag of $39.99, and according to many players, is a little bit of a grind. Clearly, Amazon still has huge marketing power, even when it enters into new territories such as video games.

The numbers are growing too, with the North American servers only just getting up and running, so we're expecting even bigger concurrent numbers as the day progresses. It's not all be rosy for the game though; during its beta, it became infamous for literally exploding RTX 3090 graphics cards thanks to an uncapped frame rate on the game's main menu.

The game has also arrived a little later than originally expected; it was supposed to release back in May of 2020, before being delayed a number of times. 


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