New World offline for extended period due to technical issues

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Amazon's hit new MMO (and occasional high-end graphics card killer) New World has suffered an extended period of downtime today due to technical issues during a planned update.

It follows a rather rocky launch with servers and queue times being through the roof in many regions, along with reports of RTX 3090 and similar high-end graphics cards practically exploding and becoming glorified paperweights in certain situations, due to some alleged quirks in the engine's coding.

The update was scheduled to take four hours earlier today, which would have brought the game up to version 1.01. That came and went, with the official Twitter account extending the downtime by an extra hour, before then adding a further two hours to the downtime on top of that.

As of writing, the extended downtime is still continuing, with no estimated time for a fix being confirmed. Players are, understandably, quite annoyed, with one Twitter user writing "What will be the reimbursement for the EXTENDED DOWNTIME THAT WE THE PLAYERS have nothing to do with... I'm 100% I paid for this product and I can't use it, so how will and what kind of compensation will be rolled out?"

Amazon hasn't yet clarified what the cause of this extended downtime is, but we'll be sure to update the article with any further details. 



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