Nexus Mods bans Fallout 4 Donald Trump Mod

By FileTrekker 8 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

A new mod that adds Donald Trump to the Fallout 4 universe, with new quests and the ability to add the controversial politician and businessman as a companion, has been banned by Nexus Mods, citing copyright concerns.

The mod, created by author Nyuton, was designed to show "how well Trump fits into the Fallout universe". The player finds Trump in Diamond City, where he is on stage at a political rally. Using spliced together quotes from Trump himself, he states that "this country never wins against China", a perfect fit for the Fallout universe indeed.

Other features include being able to add Trump as a companion, and a brand new quest line which involves Trump asking you take out an NPC character named Hillary. Subtle.


It's these snippets of dialogue, however, that are the source of the conflict. According to one Nexus Mods moderator, this violates their rule about the re-use of assets from other sources, which presumably includes TV and movies. Even though both UK and US law would see the use of these voice clips as fair use under parody, Nexus Mods' own terms and conditions apparently see it differently.

[quote=Nexus Mods]Uploading copyrighted audio without the permission of the owner. Absolutely no copyrighted work is to be used without permission of the original creator. This includes content from other games, from DLCs, music creators or from other file authors. This also includes members from countries that do not recognize copyright laws.[/quote]

The mod author was given a formal warning for violating this rule. Naturally some members of the community took to Reddit, concerned that the removal of the mod was an attempt at left-wing censorship of what could be seen as a "pro-republican" mod.

[quote=SparxxUI]It is amazing how fast f**king left wing liberal a**holes with any kind of power…. abuse it. F**k you Micalov (Nexus Moderator).[/quote]

Nyut0n, however, has taken a much more mature approach to the problem, asking users to calm down and not take their frustrations out on the staff, who are just following the rules. Instead he is currently in talks with staff at the site, to see if exceptions can be added to Nexus Mods rules when it comes to fair use and parody.

In the mean time, though, you can still grab the mod over at [url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/ffylasvf5kmaf06/CompanionDonaldTrump-17135-1-0.zip?dl=0]good old Dropbox[/url].


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