Nintendo Files DMCA Notice on Metroid Fan-game

By Serio 8 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

Japanese entertainment giant, Nintendo, is no stranger to controversies. They're starch defenders of their IP and trademarks, and have, in the past, even gotten into conflict with various YouTube personalities over their rights to a cut of their profits.

Now, they're once more in the spotlight. The Twitter account belonging to MetroidDatabase, a huge fansite for all things Metroid related, tweeted out yesterday that they'd been hit by a DMCA notice from Nintendo. 


MetroidDatabase was hosting the popular "AM2R" fan-game. AM2R, short-hand for 'Another Metroid 2 Remake', is a remake of Metroid 2(so the name isn't exactly misleading). It has been in production for years, without much attention from Nintendo.

But then it launched August 6, and two days later, the biggest mirror for the game was hit with a DMCA notice. Due to the obviously serious nature of the legal threat, MetroidDatabase had their attorney look into it, and found it to be legitimate.

[center][img]https://www.filesnation.com/assets/dynamic/images/articles/am2r_twi2.png[/img][/center] What does this mean for the fan-remake? Hard to say. It's possible that Nintendo will [i]only[/i] target the providers of the mirrors, but it's not unheard of that companies go straight for the developers themselves. 

What do you think? Should Nintendo exercise their legal rights, or should the fan-game have been allowed to exist?


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