No Guy's Sky - A Doom 2 Recreation of No Man's Sky

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Published by Serio 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Well, I didn’t see this coming. We’re all well aware, by this point in time, of the original Doom games’ incredible modding capacity. Whether we’re talking small maps, or total overhauls, the Doom games are open to just about any and all modifications.

This includes, apparently, the recreation of No Man’s Sky. Robert Prest has spent the past few weeks recreating the footage from the original No Man’s Sky trailer, in the Doom 2 engine. This includes the spaceship, the NPCs, the sentinels and… the backpack?

Prest mentions, in the description of the video, that most of the mod was actually complete by day three, but feature creep took over. And he ended up including a number of features, including flipbook style randomisation. Prest also mentions that it’s entirely possible for players to add their own faces and sprites in, which will exponentially increase the number of different enemies and NPCs that can pop up.

In order to play No Guy’s Sky, you must own a legitimate copy of Doom 2. FreeDoom and its associated WADs will not function.

This article will be updated when a download link is available.

(Image Credit: Robert Prest)

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