No Man's Sky Beyond brings 32 player support

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

No Man's Sky Beyond is a massive new update to the game that will release in August 14th, and we now know a bit more about what the new update will bring, which we've been promised will be the size of several big updates rolled into one.

Apart from the major headline feature, VR support, which we already knew about, we now know that the game will be able to have up to 32 players in one session, rather than the previous four-player limit, as massive change which should bring a whole new dynamic to the game.

The new player hub, known as The Nexus, will allow players to meet and interact with other players, share ships and gear, and put together crews for multiplayer missions, and will facilitate the new 32 player support in a way that won't make it too confusing or complicated.

There's also going to be a new complex base-building system introduced, with the ability now to build electrical systems to add power to bases, and will also add industrial bases which will let players automatically gather resources or mass-produce items.

There will also be new creatures coming that players will be able to ride like horses, and interestingly, milk for, well, milk. I imagine the milk will be used as part of another new feature, which will be a cooking system that is coming to the game too.

So quite a lot of new stuff coming. The update drops very soon on the 14th of August.


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