No Man's Sky NEXT mod collection hugely improves the game

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Published by FileTrekker 4 months ago , last updated 3 months ago

No Man's Sky was met with a somewhat negative reception when it originally released back in 2016, but it's recent update, NEXT, has given the game something of a renascence, largely thanks to it's added multiplayer features and new gameplay elements. This has naturally lead to a resurgence of the modding scene for the game, and for one modder, Redmas, a collection of new mods that make some pretty neat enhancements to the newly updated game.

The mods aim to restore the "original vision" for the game in some way, going further than the newly released update to try and deliver on all the hype over the original release that so disastrously failed to meet expectations.

Some of the mods, such as Metal Spaceships, make subtle changes such as making fighters and dropships metallic, and giving a matt paint finish to scientific vessels, making them seem more realistic. Fantastic Beasts, on the other hand, hugely increases creature encounters, as well as tweaking their size and behaviours. It makes the worlds feel much less baron and deserted, with birds swooping closely overhead, and giant animals such as T-Rex-like creatures towering above you. 

There are also mods that increase the number of Alien Structure deposits, overhaul the menu system, and even some new vehicles such as the Wheelbike and Hoverbike, all of which are well worth checking out. One of my favourite mods is the Alien Worlds mod, which adds more biomes to the game, with a greater chance of encountering variations and more rare types. It just makes the worlds feel more worth exploring and adds a greater feeling of population within the universe.

So if you're looking to enhance your game further, be sure to check out Redmas' mods here.

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