No Man's Sky Mods Take Off

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Published by Serio 3 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Captain's Log. Stardate 47634.44. In spite of a rocky launch, the E.S.C. FilesCruiser has exited the Sol system and is making for the final frontier at light speed. Chief of Engineering Sheepeep has informed me that our flux-capacitor is in need of changing, so we're stopping by at the nearest Modification Depot.

That's right, folks. No Man's Sky has already got a modding community, despite being mere days old. Right now, modding seems based on the 'No Man's Sky Mods' website, which can supply your cargo hold with a number of brilliant quality of life improvements immediately.

Currently, the most popular mod on the website is the 'Fast Actions' mod. It's a simple mod by user 'shadwar' that removes the long-click actions in the game, allowing you to more easily change options and use the menus.

Second place seems to go to the 'Chromatic Aberration Remover' mod by 'Wreathed_Heathen'. If the game's use of chromatic aberration, scanlines and vignette has bothered you, then that mod is for you.

You can find those two and many more over at No Man's Sky Mods. Happy flight, captain!

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