No Man's Sky Mods Take Off

By Serio 8 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

Captain's Log. Stardate 47634.44. In spite of a rocky launch, the E.S.C. FilesCruiser has exited the Sol system and is making for the final frontier at light speed. Chief of Engineering Sheepeep has informed me that our flux-capacitor is in need of changing, so we're stopping by at the nearest Modification Depot.

That's right, folks. No Man's Sky has already got a modding community, despite being mere days old. Right now, modding seems based on the 'No Man's Sky Mods' website, which can supply your cargo hold with a number of brilliant quality of life improvements immediately.

Currently, the most popular mod on the website is the '[url=http://nomansskymods.com/mods/fast-actions/]Fast Actions[/url]' mod. It's a simple mod by user 'shadwar' that removes the long-click actions in the game, allowing you to more easily change options and use the menus.

Second place seems to go to the '[url=http://nomansskymods.com/mods/chromatic-aberration-vignetting-scan-lines-removal/]Chromatic Aberration Remover[/url]' mod by 'Wreathed_Heathen'. If the game's use of chromatic aberration, scanlines and vignette has bothered you, then that mod is for you.

You can find those two and many more over at [b][url=http://nomansskymods.com/]No Man's Sky Mods[/url][/b]. Happy flight, captain!


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