Nude Gaming Is Something People Actually Do (Video)

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Posted on May 25, 2011, Ross Lincoln Nude Gaming Is Something People Actually Do (Video)

Here’s a ‘fun’ video that’s been making the rounds ’round the intertubes. It purports to be a video recorded at a real, honest-to-gods nude gaming party. Featured are interviews with participants as well as (cough cough) some dude who works for a company that makes, apparently, clunky controllers. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this actually happened?

And yet, no. Look, I get New York City is a crazy scene and I’m sure someone, somewhere has had a nude gaming party. But I call total fake-viral BS on this video. First of all, the hotties-to-slobs ratio is just too tilted in favor of hotties. Everyone in this video is either hot, or hipster-ugly and they’re all obviously Brooklyn fashionistas, sans clothing. Would I love to play Xbox in a room full of attractive nekkid wimmenz? Sure, maybe. But this is so obviously a pre-E3 ‘viral’ ad for xtendplay’s ergonomic controller add-on.

Even so, hmmm, nude gaming. I might try that with my girlfriend soon.

Via Riptin.

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