Nvidia could announce the RTX 3080 on August 31st

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

It's long been speculated that Nvidia would be announcing (and releasing) their RTX 30xx series of cards, well, any day now. Pinning it down has been a little tricky with the craziness of this year wiping out all the usual suspects for a gaming GPU announcement, but it seems the time is finally near - or so we hope.

Nvidia has started teasing the "Ultimate Countdown" with the tagline of "21 days. 21 Years." on their social media channels.  The countdown suggests something, well, ultimate, will be announced in 21 days time, which would land on the 31st of August - and frankly - if it's anything other than the RTX 3080, there'll likely be a riot.

The next generation of cards, known internally as Ampere, has long been expected to release in late 2020. It would fit into the usual release cycle for Nvidia GPU's and they're usually announced at this time of the year. Still, the video released by Nvidia, as you can see above, is a little cryptic.

I'd suggest this is far more likely to be consumer GPU focused though, given that such marketing tactics would fall a little flat if this were related to business computing or their efforts in AI. Further supporting this is the fact that Nvidia's first GPU was released 21 years ago - the GeForce 256 - so it's all but certain this is the next generation of GPUs from team green.

We'll be sure to cover the announcement as it happens on the 31st of this month.


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