Nvidia patches major security flaws in new driver update

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago

Nvidia has released a new driver for its GeForce range of graphics cards, and while that isn't usually noteworthy, this time you'll want to pick it up as soon as possible.

The driver fixes a number of bugs and security issues on both Windows and Linux platforms, some of which are considered severe and could give attackers the ability to escalate privileges on your system and leak information from your system.

The new driver is 461.09 on Windows, and 460.32.03 on Linux, and fixes six different vulnerabilities including one in a kernel mode layer handler related to something called DxgDdiEscape. In short, this could give attackers kernel-level access to your system, the highest privilege possible.

The good news is that the exploit can only be done locally, so an attacker would already need to have access or full remote control of your system to pull it off, but it's still worrying. It also patches an exploit related to the VGPU virtual desktop, which has a similarly severe rating.

In any case, while the risk of an actual attack on your system is very low, you're going to want to update the drivers ASAP, either through GeForce experience or on the official driver download page.

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2 years ago by Plok

I'm concerned over the number of applications these days which even have kernel-level access these days...