Obsidian apparently pitched a slew of Elder Scrolls games to Bethesda

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

Chris Avellone, one of the writers on the acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, has spilt some interesting details on Obsidian's attempts to persuade Bethesda to let them take the lead on a follow-up to the Elder Scrolls series.

In case you weren't aware, Fallout: New Vegas was the hit sequel to Fallout 3, although it was developed by Obsidian Entertainment instead of in-house by Bethesda, and the general tone of the game was a marked departure as a result, feeling closer to the original Fallout games. The proposed Elder Scrolls games would have been similar sequels, essentially being iterations of Bethesda's flagship releases.

Speaking to PCGamesN, Avellone noted that “One of the Elder Scrolls proposals (which I pitched) was intended to serve the same function as Fallout New Vegas did between Fallout 3 and 4, to provide more adventures in the setting during the years before the next Bethesda release," adding that “I thought it couldn’t hurt to try and push a similar system to what Treyarch/Activision had going with Call of Duty at the time (but hopefully less rushed). Bethesda could do a core release, then we’d release an Elder Scrolls title (in the same world or a divergent timeline/era) before the next big Bethesda push.” 

In the end, Fallout: New Vegas as the only Bethesda IP that was developed by Obsidian, although these days, both companies are part of the Xbox Games Studios umbrella. It wasn't for a lack of trying however, with Avellone explaining that the team even tried to avoid creative clashes; “If Bethesda didn’t want us messing with their core world, one was a spinoff where you adventured in an alternate Elder Scrolls world the last hero had failed to save in the last round of Elder Scroll titles.” 

Fallout: New Vegas is considered one of the best entries in the entire series, so it would have been fascinating to see what might have been if Obsidian had a shot at creating an Elder Scrolls game. Their recent titles including The Outer Worlds and Grounded are pretty fantastic, however.


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2 months ago

They REALLY should listen to Chris on this, especially considering that Obisidian's New Vegas, still regarded as the best Fallout game released by Bethesda, in spite of shortcomings caused by development process.