Obsidian Recreates Mos Eisley in Unreal 4

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Published by Serio 2 years ago , last updated 9 months ago

With the recent obliteration of the Galaxy in Turmoil project, it's a bit surprising to see a big, full time developer with a reputation actually take on a similar project in their free time.

Renowned Santa Ana based developer, Obsidian Entertainment, has lifted the veil from a project that a number of their employees have been working on in their free time. It's an attempt to faithfully recreate the Mos Eisley city on Tatooine from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

What's special about this project, aside from it being from a big time developer? It's free, for one. And it's very, very pretty. While there's no gameplay as such, it's very interesting to actually see the hive of scum and villainy recreated on a modern engine. Perhaps it can even serve as a proof of concept that you can actually do a realistic looking Star Wars project today?

You can download the project from the following mirrors;

Mirror #1 Mirror #2 Mirror #3 Mirror #4

You can read more about the project and its technical aspects as written by the producers by clicking here.

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