Oculus Quest next-gen 'Jedi' controllers in development

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

The latest Oculus Quest firmware has a few clues contained within that reference the next generation of controllers for the VR platform, known as 'Jedi,' and the hints suggest they'll have improved tracking and haptic feedback capabilities compared to the current controllers.

A driver within the firmware references the new controllers, which according to UploadVR, will be similar in layout to the Oculus Touch. They'll launch with the next-gen 'Del Mar' headset, and will have various improvements and features over the current generation.

The biggest of these is tracking, with the code hinting the new controllers will use a 60Hz refresh rate on its infrared sensors compared to the 30Hz rate found on the current offering. These changes should improve the sensitivity and accuracy of motion tracking significantly.

Further references in the driver suggest that the controller has enhanced haptic feedback and analog capacitive touch sensors to provide more accurate finger tracking. 

Of course, there's no official work on any of the above, but given this information was discovered inside official firmware, it seems pretty conclusive that such a controller is at least in development. We'll be sure to bring you any official news as we learn it.


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