Oculus Gearing Up to Host its Own VR Convention, ‘RiftCon’

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Posted on February 21, 2014, Mike Sharkey Oculus Gearing Up to Host its Own VR Convention, ‘RiftCon’

Oculus VR, the start-up behind the Rift virtual reality headset, has filed a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office for RiftCon, an exhibition dedicated to all things VR.

The RiftCon trademark was filed on February 14 and includes the following description:

“Organizing exhibitions for cultural, educational, or entertainment purposes; organizing exhibitions in the fields of interactive entertainment, virtual reality, consumer electronics and video game entertainment industries for cultural or educational purposes; entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting of competitions to encourage use and development of interactive entertainment, virtual reality, consumer electronics, and video game entertainment software and hardware.”

Oculus VR and its founder Palmer Luckey have appeared at numerous technology, gaming and virtual reality-dedicated conventions over the past two years. With the trademark filing for RiftCon, it’s clear the company is preparing to take over hosting duties.

Jim Redner of the TheRednerGroup handles public relations for Oculus VR and responded to our request for further details on RiftCon with a straight “no comment.”

The Oculus Rift’s iterative prototypes have been wowing nearly everyone lucky enough to step into its virtual worlds. Most recently, at CES 2014, Oculus VR demoed the Crystal Cove prototype featuring a new form factor, a 1080p AMOLED screen, and an external camera to accurately track movement.

The Crystal Cove was a big step forward for the Rift and Oculus VR, primarily because it cut latency — the time delay between user input and system response — to roughly 30 milliseconds from the motion-sickness-inducing 60-to-70 millisecond range of earlier prototypes. Oculus VR has repeatedly stated it will not launch a consumer version of Rift until it hits sub-20-milliseconds latency and solves the motion sickness issue.

With the trademark filing for RiftCon, it appears Oculus is confident they’re nearing that finish line.


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