Oh No, The Newsmedia Found Out We’d Been Killing People In the Moscow Airport for Over a Year

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Posted on January 26, 2011, Phil Owen Oh No, The Newsmedia Found Out We’d Been Killing People In the Moscow Airport for Over a Year

What was the first thing that popped into your head when you heard about the terrorist attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport? Being that if you’re reading this you’re likely a gamer, you probably thought about that time when you walked into an airport in Moscow and started mowing down innocent civilians with a machine gun in Modern Warfare 2.

Now some folks in the media are saying the real-life terrorist attack might have been inspired by the fake one. This is a stupid idea. Here’s the ridiculous report:

First, the attack that occurred this week in the real world was a suicide bombing, while the attack in MW2 was carried out with machine guns. Now, is it really more likely that a suicide bomber was inspired by a completely different type of massacre just because said massacre took place in a Moscow airport than it is that the bomber was inspired by, say, all the other suicide bombings that have taken place in recent years?

Here’s a quote from a person of dubious credibility who is cited in the report that goes along with that video: “Indeed it is a trouble to look at the game and reality. The issue is we need to know if terrorists or extremists are using these videos or DVDs or games to basically apply the model.”

That quote really ought to put the issue to rest because this bomber certainly did not “apply the model” present in Modern Warfare 2 to this attack.

I hate everyone so much.

via Kotaku

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