One Starfield modder is working on adding pilotable mechs to the game

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

I never quite understood why Mechs weren't pilotable in Starfield, given they're both deeply engrained in the game's lore, and also serve as a natural alternative to Fallout 4's Power Armor mechanic, and it seems I'm not the only one who thought it was a slightly odd omission, especially when exploring planets on foot. All that walking gets a little weary, you know?

Thankfully, one modder is working on the problem, with a new video showing a WIP pilotable mech working within the game. Mechs are mentioned multiple times in the lore of Starfield and were used heavily during wars between the various factions. However, the mechs that do appear in the game, such as one found in a museum, are not interactive and cannot be used.

According to the modder, Jared Khor, the mechs are currently work-in-progress, but the video above showcases their progress so far. One of the problems to be overcome is limitations with the camera angles - hopefully, a first-person cockpit camera can also be added to the mod in due course. The mechs will act somewhat like Power Armour does in the Fallout series.

I do wonder if Bethesda is giving some thought to adding mechs to the game themselves - there are several big DLC expansions coming throughout 2024, with the studio dropping a hint late last year that there would be 'all-new ways of travelling' in the game, which could very well be a hint of pilotable mechs or some other ground-based vehicles.


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