Online Achievements Ruin Games

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Posted on March 5, 2008, William Online Achievements Ruin Games

achievement.jpgWhen it comes to achievements, the quickest way to completely ruin a game is through the use of online achievements. I’m sure a lot of you Halo 3 players out there remember the first month of the game when people would completely ruin matches because they wanted to stand in a line and help each other get the ‘Mongoose Mowdown Achievement’.

I can name numerous games that have actually been completely ruined by online achievements. One particular game that comes to mind is Shadowrun. I was hooked on Shadowrun for about a week, but I ultimately gave the game up out of complete frustration with the other gamers playing. It seemed like in nearly every match, half of your team was playing to get specific achievements and could care less whether the team actually won or not. This same type of thing happens in numerous games with online achievements.

Unfortunately, it looks like online achievements are here to stay, and there’s little motivation for developers to change how they are currently operating. According to the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, games that incorporate online achievements into their games generate nearly 50 percent more revenue than games that didn’t.

There is still hope for online achievements, but gamers need to voice their opinions a little more to the developers. If I had my say, online achievements would vanish forever. If they have to stay, there are certainly some changes needed to make gaming more enjoyable. One fix would be to eliminate item, weapon or vehicle specific achievements. To create a gaming environment that encourages teamwork, more achievements need to be based on actually winning matches. The way things are now, immature gamers will continue to squabble over who gets what weapon, who picks up what items and who gets in what vehicles as they are more concerned with achievements than being part of a team.

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