Open IV team port Liberty City to GTA V

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

It's not the first time that a map from one Grand Theft Auto game has been ported into another, but the scale and ambition of porting the entire Liberty City map and placing it nicely off the coast of Los Santos is an impressive one to say the least.

GTA V, mostly thanks to the prevalence of cheating in GTA Online, is one of the tougher games in the series to create mods for, so the porting of Liberty City isn't an easy process at all. It's only thanks to the team's proprietary OpenIV tools that they're in a position to be able to make the mod become a reality.

Unlike other mods of this type, however, they don't intend to replace any of GTA V's locations - instead, the entire LC map will sit alongside the Los Santos and Blaine County environments, a short plane ride across the sea.

There are major challenges ahead for the team, however. While they have a pretty good handle on GTA IV, a game that's nearly nine years old now (Wow, I'm starting to feel my age...) - cracking GTA V's engine to enable the port is a much tougher challenge, especially given the game is still under active development and regularly patched, thanks to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Understandably, the team is making no promises about timescales for release, but have stated they will get the mod out as soon as practically possible. They also warn that players of GTA Online will likely get banned quite quickly if trying to use this mod in the Online game, as is the case with most GTA V mods. The team also warn that players will require a large amount of free hard drive space, and a copy of GTA IV, to perform the required map conversions and install the mod successfully.

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