Our Top 8 GTA V Mods to Download in 2021

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

GTA V has had an incredible lifespan for a Grand Theft Auto game, mostly thanks to GTA Online, and it's showing no signs at all of slowing down, despite it being in its sixth year since release. The modding scene for the game is still just as vibrant as ever, so if you fancy something new and exciting to do in Los Santos, look no further than our Top 10 GTA V mods.

Just a word of warning for anyone trying these mods: stay off GTA Online while they're installed. Bans have been known to happen, even for seemingly innocent things, so we recommend just to avoid it altogether.

8. Mass Effect 3 Reaper Blimp

So everyone loves the blimp, right? Well, it was fun at first, but it does get a bit boring after a while - so why not spice it up a little by turning it into the Reaper from Mass Effect 3, and scaring the bejesus out of the citizens below?

The real fun thing to do though is jumping into a military jet or helicopter and try and take the thing down. It's pretty badass, even if it is just floating there, kind of minding its own business.

You can grab the mod here.

7. Force Fields Mod

This one is just hilarious, given its god-like power to brush aside anything in your way. It adds a force-field around you that throws traffic, pedestrians, or anything else away and around it, leaving you free in your own, smooth bubble.

No more traffic, no more police issues, it's excellent, especially if you want to get somewhere quickly. It's also hilarious to walk around feeling like a demi-God. Great fun, this one.

You can grab the mod here.

6. Carmageddon Mod

You guys remember the old Windows 95 game Carmageddon, right? Well, if not, the idea is carnage. Pure, unadulterated carnage. With cars. This mod achieves that in great spadefuls. 

The way it works is randomly, and without any form of warning, cars will just spiral out of control, fly off into the distance, and explode, causing a maximum amount of carnage with a minimum amount of logic - and it's hilariously addictive.

Grab the mod here.

5. GTA V Pride

We covered this a while ago over at FIlesNation during our little hiatus, but our opinions then are the same as they are now - this mod is fantastic. It's a collaborative effort between several well-known GTA V modders, including Garbergs, JulioNiB, TheFriedTurkey, and 8-Bit Bastard. The mod brings the full glitz, glamour, music, and good fun that anyone who has attended a Pride parade will be familiar with 

And yes, still bonus points for these fantastic dance moves by Trevor. The mod was made as a promotional download for the Stockholm Pride a few years ago, but it's still brilliant in every way.

Go give it a download here.

4. The Gravity Gun

The Gravity Gun was by far the best thing about Half-Life 2 - physics engines were still a novelty back then, and it was a fantastic way to show them off - but more importantly, it was great fun.

So why not bring the concept to GTA V? Well, this mod lets you do that, you can lift vehicles into the sky, and even launch them away just like in HL2. It's pretty useful for assembling some pretty exciting scenes, or just for launching an SUV into a massive crowd of NPCs. Whichever floats your boat.

Check it out here.

3. Psychokinetic Mod

Much like some of the other mods in this list, this is a physics mod that provides you with endless fun, but this one is just superbly executed and frankly makes me feel like a superhero.

You can expect any of the abilities an apprentice of Psycho Mantis may expect to possess, including the ability to float around, pick up objects and send them hurtling into the distance, or stop things dead in their tracks.

So if you fancy acting out your fantasy of joining the X-Men in GTA V, you should grab the download here.

2. Vehannon (Vehicle Cannon) mod

So you might think Vehicle Cannon is a cannon that destroys vehicles. Well, kind of yes, but you're not shooting a cannon AT them, you're shooting them FROM a cannon. Yes.

How a vehicle fits down the nozzle of a gun, I don't know. The results are pretty hilarious fun, though, and you can shoot anything you want out of it, from cars to giant army trucks.

Grab the mod here.

1. Tsunami Mod

This one needs no introduction frankly. It was made hugely popular when Nerd3 did a video on it for GTA IV, and the version for GTA V has proven equally as amazing.

There's no escape as a giant tidal wave of water envelops Los Santos, and much like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, you have to try and survive as long as possible in a flooded San Andreas (see what I did there?)

The other option is to get into an aircraft and simply enjoy the sheer carnage unfolding below - or even more interestingly, explore the sunken city in a submarine. 

You can grab the mod here.


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PC Game Pure

2 years ago

I love Mass Effect 3 Reaper Blimp and The Gravity Gun. it was a fantastic way to show them off - but more importantly, it was great fun.