Outland Walkthrough

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Posted on April 27, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Outland Walkthrough

Lost in the wilds of Outland? Fear not, intrepid adventurer — for Game Front adventures alongside you, and we’re cataloging all of our experiences in order to help you face down any challenge, any threat, any enemy and any puzzle. Check back periodically after the game’s release to get the latest in tips and strategies for braving the wilds of Outland, and in the mean time, get the inside scoop on the game’s toughest challenges with our Achievements Strategy Guide and Trophies Walkthru, and find yourself with an extra edge using our Cheats List.

Table of Contents


  1. Welcome to Outland. Drop down out of the hut and head right. Jump over the first obstacle blocking your path. Get used to this game’s tight controls and physics, there will be a lot more jumping in the future.
  2. Jump over the spiked pit and toward a wall. Practice the wall-jump here. Your character sticks to walls for several seconds in Outland before slipping off. Jump to the platform to the right to clamber onto it. Your character can grab hold of ledges, too.
  3. Jump onto the platform suspended over spikes to find a collectable Mask of the Gods. Jump over the spikes and wait for the moving platform. Use the platform to cross the field of spikes.
  4. The platform takes your character to two parallel walls. Use wall-jump twice to reach the top. Here’s you’ll run into one of Outland’s most common obstacles – light and dark energy. Light energy will shoot out from the blue generator on the ceiling at fixed intervals. Wait for a blast of light energy to dissipate on the ground, and run by.
  5. Ahead, jump onto the ladder and slide down. Make a jump to the suspended ladder parallel to the previous ladder to grab another collectable mask. Jump down to find a checkpoint and a closed gate to the right. Left you’ll find the guiding light.
  6. Guiding lights are the waypoints of Outland. Check your map to find the next one if you’re ever lost, and follow them to always go in the right direction. The path to reaching the next guiding light isn’t always obvious, so feel free to explore.
  7. Follow the guiding light left past two light energy generators, with another two protecting a switch on a platform. Dodge the energy and stand on the switch. The gate right of the checkpoint is now open.
  8. Backtrack to the checkpoint and dodge the wave of light energy. Jump over the spikes, onto the platform hanging off the right wall, and jump left onto a sloped platform. Continue to jump left, using the moving platforms to reach higher locations.
  9. The second moving platform will stay still and only drop while you stand on it. Either jump off or jump up and the platform will begin to rise to its neutral position.
  10. Wall-jump and run underneath the light energy generator. Continue right, jumping over the next two gaps and after the guiding light. Follow the light into the shrine for a new ability.
  11. You can now attack. Past the checkpoint, destroy the weak wall. Fall down and smash the dual vases. Vases are your best bet for finding doubloons ($) and hearts to replenish your health. Smash every vase you see, especially when low on health.
  12. Continue forward to fight your first enemy. Giant spiders are slow, the easiest way to dispatch them now is to attack with an uppercut, jump into the air while the spider is juggled, and hit them two more times while suspended. Practice this move to safely destroy spiders every time.
  13. Backtrack, following the light left, down, and right towards another weak wall. Destroy any spiders in your way and smash the wall. There’s a large vase on the ledge, these usually contain a large cache of doubloons, so try to break them whenever possible.
  14. Down the hole, jump over the spikes, wait for the blue energy to dissipate, and fight the spider. Ahead is a door into the next area.
  15. Entering: Rites of Passage. Follow the light right, jump down. Ahead are platforms covered in spiked bugs. Uppercut the bugs to knock them off their platforms and finish them off with another attack. Climb the ladder up to fight more spiders and gain a small reward of three vases. Your goal is down the ladder.
  16. At the bottom of the ladders, the light will guide you right. Left are more spiders are two vases. The spikes will begin to rattle before raising, wait for the spikes to lower before running across. Jump down, continuing left while destroying spiders and dodging the light energy generators until reaching the next shrine.
  17. This shrine grants you the slide ability. Slide can knock enemies back and get your character under low walls. Use the slide to squeeze under the low wall and wall jump to the checkpoint.
  18. Down beyond the checkpoint, navigate the light energy. Ahead, you have two options – up or down. Follow the path down for some rewards and a collectable mask. Slide under the low walls and light energy pellets.
  19. Up, wall-jump to reach the upper ledge and slide under the spikes. Inside a large room, jump onto the vertical moving platform and then onto a horizontal moving platform to reach yellow switch. Strike it to open the gate below. Run into the light and through the door to enter a new area.
  20. Entering: Crossroads of the World. Jump down and head right until reaching a green floor plate. Stand on it to open the gate into the Central Shrine. Run towards the huge shrine to enter another new sequence.
  21. Entering: 30,000 Years Ago. Move right to reach the checkpoint and a ladder. You now have the ability to switch between dark and light spirit energy. At the top of the ladder, move left to find two platforms above. One is red and the other is blue. Colored platforms and buttons are only activated by their corresponding spirit energy – blue is light, red is dark.
  22. Similarly, enemies can only be harmed by their opposite spirit energy. Blue enemies can only be harmed by red, and red by blue. Dark can only hurt light, and light can only hurt dark.
  23. Much in the same way, pellets of energy from generators or enemies are completely shielded while using the corresponding spirit energy.
  24. Climb the platforms, switching from light to dark to reach the top. Switch to dark energy to cross the chain safely and smash the large vase. Fall down and continue left, more chains of energy block your way. Jump over the spikes while light and cross the dark chains of energy while dark.
  25. Go up for another large vase, or continue left. A dark spider will attack – they’re exactly like normal spiders, except they can only be hurt by light energy. Next, climb the vertical chamber; various moving platforms make this section the first tricky platform challenge. Take your time, and remember that dark shields dark energy and light shields light energy.
  26. To the left of the checkpoint is another large gate. Follow the light up and right into another large chamber. A small dark dragon will shoot dark energy pellets at you, either duck or jump to dodge them and attack mid-air to destroy this enemy.
  27. Jump from platform to platform, switch to light energy to shield yourself from the pattern of light. Beyond the spike trap you’ll find a checkpoint and a switch. Hit the switch, and backtrack to the large gate.
  28. The large chamber now has confusing patterns of energy. Switch to light energy and wait for the dark energy to dissipate before jumping. Next, switch from dark, to light, and to dark to navigate the mass of energy pellets.
  29. Making it back to the checkpoint, continue left through the door.
  30. Entering: The Sisters. Run left and climb the ladder up to complete this sequence.
  31. Entering: Crossroads of the World. The Crossroads is your hub to the various levels of Outland. To the right of the Shrine you’ll find a Teleporter and a dark energy gate. Neither can be used yet, for now your goal is to reach the Jungle.


  1. Use the map to help find your bearings. Drop into the hole to the right of shrine and follow the lower path left to reach the Jungle.
  2. Entering: Jungle Lowlands. Follow the pointers left, using the platforms to reach the upper level. Spiked bugs are crawling over the platforms, so time your jumps around them, and look out for the light energy generator.
  3. On the upper level, watch out for the spikes and hop down. Run past the light energy to reach the light guide. Down, another gate blocks your path, so head right and jump onto the moving platform.
  4. Inside the large room, dodge the spread of light energy pellets while climbing the platforms to reach the switch. It will open the gate above you, so backtrack back up using the moving platform.
  5. Beyond the gate, use the platforms to shield yourself from light pellets while waiting for the moving platform. Ride it up and run left to reach another moving platform. Jump off where you’ll be blocked by another gate past the checkpoint.
  6. Jump up and head right. Jump from platform to platform, dodging the two light energy generators. At the end of the room, find another light guide, and navigate the narrow platforms in the upper section of the room. This can be tricky, there are lots of light energy generators, watch where the pellets go and where they dissipate before making those jumps.
  7. Keep climbing up, jump onto a platform holding a light generator that shoots pellets in a wide arc downward. Jump up again to find a Keeper of Life. Pay the fee to add a heart to your health bar. Keep an eye out for Keeper of Life locations, you won’t be able to reach them all yet, but you’ll need every heart you can get.
  8. Continue left, kill the spider and strike the switch. Time for more backtracking. Jump down the hole just to the right to quickly find your way back to the get. Head down the vertical shaft, using the ladders to help you navigate the light energy.
  9. At the bottom, chase the light guide through the door into a new area.
  10. Entering: The Cursed Forest. Continue left, you’ll start to see dark energy generators and translucent light energy platforms. Keep moving left, jump down to the lower level and follow the light guide down. Slide underneath the light energy, and turn right. Move between the wave of light energy through the next two corridors and jump down.
  11. To the right is another blocked gate, to the left are three light energy generators. Jump over the first and third, while sliding under the second. Hit the switch, and backtrack to the open gate. Through it is a shrine that grants you light spiritual energy. Now you are shielded from light energy.
Light energy will no longer hurt you, but touching light energy infused enemies will. Also, platforms will activate for you, so leave the room left and jump onto the inactive light energy platform to ride it back up. Navigate the next two corridors – the upper corridor is more tricky than before, with red beams shooting down from the ceiling. Just wait for them to shut off, and run through. Jump up to activate the checkpoint, and use the now solid light energy platforms to reach a co-op portal. At the left side of this chamber, you’ll find the exit leading into a new area. Entering: The Jungle Highlands. Chase the light guide, cutting down the red spider to enter a vertical chamber. Jump onto the neutral platform and climb the ladder. Look out for the three energy generators. Wait for the dark energy to dissipate before jumping through the light energy. Climb right, destroying the red flower and carefully timing your slide to dodge the dark energy. Wall-jump up the vertical shaft, and climb up to reach the checkpoint. Clamber upwards, and jump over the explosive mite. It charges forward after spotting you, so jump over it. Use the neutral platform to ride up. Follow the light guide left, or jump onto the blue switch right for extra reward doubloons. On the straight path, slide left under the low wall. Below you’ll find a dark energy switch, so follow the upper path. Past the teleporter is a closed gate. Jump up and navigate the dark energy generators, wall-jumping up and chasing the light guide right. Up through the many dark energy pellets, you’ll come out into a large chamber. Left of the opening, you’ll find the Crystal of Life. Stand near the green crystal to refill your health bar. Hit the switch suspended on a platform above the dark energy generator. Backtrack to the gate to enter a new area. Entering: Above the Canopy. Move east deeper into the area until reaching spikes and a red energy generator. Fight your way through the red flowers, to find a tricky dark energy generator. Jump onto the ledge and wait until the red pellets dissipate. Up the slope, chase the light guide. Under the low passage is a waiting red spider suspended above the entrance. Attack the balled-up spider as it falls to kill it instantly. Run through the checkpoint, and chase the light guide up the vertical shaft using wall-jumps. At the top, hop onto the ladder and climb up. Dodge the red pellets and move right. Climb the wall, carefully inching by the red pellets. Break the hidden wall under the red circular waves of pellets to find another Keeper of Life. Continue to jump from platforms, and jump to the ladder. Climb it and use both neutral moving platforms to reach the top of the area. Beyond another teleporter, hit the checkpoint and use the blue platforms to cross the spiked floor. The first two platforms will drop once activated – just jump off or up and the platforms will return to their original positions. The third platform rises to drive you into the spikes, and the fourth lowers. Ride the blue platform up, and run between the two dark energy generators. Look out for the red spiders. Ahead, activate the checkpoint and grab the Guardian Key. This key opens the Boss Door. Slide down the ladder and fight your way through the corridor of spiders and flowers. Continue right, dodging red pellets and destroying flowers. The slide attack is useful for destroying flowers while avoiding their attack. Entering: Jungle Highlands. Ride the neutral platform down and start crossing platforms while moving west. Climb up and check your map to find the Boss Door. Stop by the green crystal to refill your health. When you’re ready, run through the open Boss Door.

The Golem

  1. The Golem is good practice for the difficult boss fights coming later in the game. Just stand back during the introduction and wait for his first attack.
  2. First, the Golem will slam its fist into the ground, generating a shockwave. Jump over the shockwave and climb up both notches of its fist to reach the head. Attack the head, and watch the shockwave as it returns to the fist. Dark Energy reinvigorates the Golem’s fist, and will hurt you if you’re still riding it. Jump off once the shockwave returns.
  3. Cocoons will appear in the tree above. Attack them as you jump off the Golem’s fist to destroy them early, as the Golem will shake the tree and knock the cocoons off. The cocoons shatter and spiked bugs will harass you.
  4. When the Golem is down to half his health bar, he’ll summon bolts of dark and light energy from the sky. Focus on watching the red pellets and ignoring the blue to successfully dodge the attack.
  5. One method of escaping the rain of pellets is to jump against the left wall and hang off as bolts land near the back end of the room.
  6. Attack after the Golem sends out a shockwave by climbing his fist and attack its head and you’ll win.
  7. Find the shrine behind the Golem’s arena to unlock the ground stomp ability. Ground stomp is great for attacking underground enemies, stunning enemies, and smashing weak floors.
  8. Try out your new ability on the weak floor right of the shrine. Run into the white light to return to the Crossroads.


  1. From the central chamber of the crossroads, jump into the pit right of the shrine and follow the path left until reaching a weak floor. Use ground stomp to break through and collect some doubloons, then ride the blue platform back up.
  2. Continue left down the corridor until reaching a crossroads. The upper path takes you to the Jungle, while the lower path leads you to your next goal.
  3. Follow the lower path into the Underworld.
  4. Entering: The World Beneath. Coming out into an open area through the low ceiling, you’ll find the light guide. Before jumping onto the platform ahead, you’ll face two new enemies. One burrows into the ground and jumps out to shoot energy pellets corresponding with its color. Deal with the burrowing creature by waiting for it to dive into the ground, and destroying it with a ground stomp.
  5. The second new enemy is a floating jellyfish, don’t touch it and just attack it to get rid of these nuisances.
  6. Climb the platforms while following the light guide to a ladder, fighting the enemies on the way. Near the ladder are a teleporter and a checkpoint. Activate both, ignoring the red faceplate, and move on.
  7. Fight your way upward to another ladder. Beyond the ladder is a passage of spikes with a reward at the far end. Climb the ladder, dodging the spikes while passing by. In the hallway, wait for the explosive creature to chase you out before jumping over it, and climb the ladder up.
  8. At the top of the ladder, your goal is left past two more burrowing creatures. Follow the light guide through the door to enter a new area.
  9. Entering: Lost Passageways. Move west, and fight off the red axe enemies. Fight they just like spiders, an uppercut and two normal attacks will safely dispatch them. Start on the left side of the room and climb the platform up and right, then continue left as you bump into the wall. Zig-zag up the room, and reach the top riding the neutral platform.
  10. Wall-jump higher, waiting for the stream of dark energy to stop, and look out for the explosive mite. Climb up and jump over a second explosive mite, then brave the corridor of dark energy beams and jellyfish. You’ll be rewarded with a checkpoint at the end of that ordeal.
  11. Running right, climb the ladder to find two dark energy generators shooting lines of pellets in intervals of three while a dark energy beam blocking your path. Jump onto the ledge and wait to jump between intervals. Another three generators block your path down, just wait for a safe space and fall.
  12. Moving left, donate your doubloons to the Keeper of Life for a desperately needed heart upgrade.
  13. Follow the light guide down the slopes, past an opaque red platform is a sword-wielding enemy. This guy is fast, he’s only vulnerable to stun right before he lunges forward. The safest strategy is to jump over his lunge, attack him from behind once, and jump over him again to attack him from behind again. He takes four hits, if you can avoid him, just jump over and run by.
  14. Jump onto the moving blue platform and ride it down, to find a second blue platform and even a third. Four axe enemies are waiting at the bottom, try to jump them and attack each one separately. Don’t let them surround you, and you’ll be okay.
  15. The ground stomp will stun the axe enemies, which is a helpful way to get them off your back. Left of the enemies is a new checkpoint. Continue left and jump down to find a money vase against the wall.
  16. Keep diving deeper to reach an array of dark energy generators spewing red pellets. Jump to the left of the platform and smash the weak floor, then run by the red pellets between intervals of three.
  17. Reach the light guide, and you’ll face a sword enemy in a narrow passageway. Draw him out so you can jump over his sword swings, or jump over him and run.
  18. The narrow passage leads into an open room filled with jellyfish and dragons. If you need health, jellyfish are a good target. Climb the platforms and jump across to reach the upper level. Hop onto the blue platform and ride it up.
  19. At the top, jump off and activate the checkpoint to your right while following the light guide. Continue to find a new shrine and a new ability; here you’ll find the dark spirit. Now you can switch between light and dark energy.
Return to the checkpoint left of the shrine. Jump down the pit and step onto the red faceplate to open the dark energy gate. Ride the red platform down and cross the energy pellets as you move right. Beware of the sword enemy, and alternate energy types to climb upwards. Over the blue platform, look right and exit the area through the door. Entering: The World Beneath. Follow the light guide to a ladder and slide down. Hop over the explosive mite as you backtrack through the spiked platforms. Stop by the checkpoint on the way and jump onto the red faceplate. Slide down the ladder and continue left to exit into a new area. Entering: Crypt of the Ancients. Chase the light guide and step onto the faceplate to activate a bomb. These weakened walls and floors are too tough to break with your powers alone, you’ll need bombs to help. Find the bomb generator and crouch attack to knock a bomb onto either the right or left floor. On the left side there are money vases, smack the bomb three times quickly to break the wall and get those vases. Drop down where you’ll be ambushed by spiders. Run right to find a checkpoint, and fight your way left while destroying the enemies in your path. Leaving the room, continue downwards and follow the light guide left through a wide spread of red pellets and jellyfish. Activate dark energy and avoid the red jellyfish. Through the jellyfish, jump down and turn left to find the light guide. Ground stomp through the floor and take the ladder down. Against the left wall is a secret area before destroying the weak floor. Slide all the way down, avoiding the burrowing enemies, until reaching another checkpoint. To the left of the checkpoint is another weak floor protected by light energy pellets. Ground stomp while light spiritual power is active and smash through the red jellyfish as you fall. At the bottom of the shaft, destroy both spiders and chase the light guide right to the exit. Entering: The Buried Empire. Run right and smash the weak wall. Jumping down, look out for the alternating energy generators – they’ll shoot a wide array of light energy pellets then switch to a wide array of dark energy pellets. Another generator shows a similar theme right of the drop, the generator spins while shooting red pellets from one side and blue pellets from the other. Time your jump and switch to the corresponding color to get by safely. Head down-right to enter a cavern protected by two energy generators. Reach the bottom to find another checkpoint and run by, continuing right. Jump from one platform to the next, switching energy colors between jumps and avoiding the jellyfish. Make it across, and climb up the blue and red platform to make it even higher up. Reaching the checkpoint, run through the hallway completely covered in alternating light or dark energy. There’s a short safe period between the color changes, so switch from light to dark energy or dark to light to keep yourself protected. Smash the weak floor and slide through the low wall to the right. Wall-jump up the shaft, alternating colors as needed, until reaching the blue and red moving platforms. The first set will raise you, while the second set will drop once activate. Be quick, and climb the remaining four platforms to reach a hallway once again filled with energy pellets. This time to safely avoid the energy pellets, briefly jump onto the neutral yellow platform to activate it. Jump off and run underneath it to shield you from the never-ending stream of pellets. At the end of the passage is a new shrine – this time granting you the smite ability. The smite ability uses a power orb, it is a neutral yellow power – it hurts any enemy. Right now, you only have one charge. Power orbs are replenished by defeating enemies, so save smite for difficult situations or enemies. To the left of the shrine is another checkpoint. Run on by to follow the light guide, smashing any spiders trying to block your path. Drop down to find a yellow crystal. Like the green crystal, the yellow crystal refills your power meter. You’ll need to use smite while crossing the generators ahead. Continue left to enter a large chamber, jump from energy platform to energy platform, waiting for the generators to switch to the corresponding color of the platforms before jumping. Continue jumping until reaching a yellow platform and riding it up to the exit. Entering: Crypt of the Ancients. Hit the switch and jump down, running by a teleporter and a checkpoint. Jump over the blue pellets and pass the turning gears to enter a narrow hallway. A red serpent will attack. Serpents attack by rearing back and biting forward or by launching a stream of red energy. Turn on dark spiritual energy while running close to protect you from the beam, then attack with light spiritual energy. Attack once and retreat immediately. Wait for the serpent to finish its attack, then attack once again. Serpents are a pain, but take your time to defeat them without taking unnecessary damage. Run down the hall and climb the ladder marked by the light guide. This area can be tricky. Jump up the platforms to the right and destroy the jellyfish waiting there. Jump onto the first ladder and keep dark spiritual energy active. Wait for the blue pellets to dissipate and jump onto the first ladder, climbing up into the corner. Wait for the blue pellets to break up, and jump to the second ladder. Stay red, wait for the blue pellets to stop, and make a jump for the third ladder and to the platform left. Smash through the weak wall and walk by the checkpoint. Turn on light spiritual energy while fighting through the various enemies, running left to follow the light guide into a new area. Entering: The Underground River. Follow the guide left into a hallway filled with bomb dispensers. Attack the bombs to hit the spiders, and use the last bomb to destroy the weak wall. Next you’ll be in a horizontal chamber, jumping onto red and blue platforms suspended over spikes. Jump to the blue moving platform, and wait for the red platform to begin rising over the spikes before making a jump. More bomb dispensers are up ahead. To destroy the wall to the left of the ceiling dispenser, uppercut the bomb to launch it into the air, and follow up with an attack. That should be enough to send the bomb into the weak wall on the far end of the room. Fight through the spiders while continuing left. More platforms are suspended over spikes down the hallway, simply carefully jump from platform to platform, using the platforms as a shield once they’re activated to protect you from the opposite colored pellets. Jump up to find a closed gate to your right and a checkpoint to your left. Activate the teleporter, and dodge the two explosive mites. A sword enemy is waiting a step above, you’ll be able to uppercut him without fearing counterattacks. Jump down the pit and activate the switch. Backtrack to the gate and step on the switch. Another gate will open back in the bomb dispensing room. Backtrack there and find the bomb dispenser just underneath another weak wall pointing left. Uppercut and jump attack the bomb to knock it into the wall, clearing the way. Chase the light guide to find a checkpoint. Climb the platforms and wall-jump into a narrow hallway, fighting through the spiders. Jump up again to find a dizzying array of energy generators launching pellets. If you have extra health, wall-jump between the two walls and jump left off the platform overlooking the pits below. Make sure light spirit energy is active while making the running jump to land safely across. Activate the checkpoint below and run down the hallway. More energy generators block the hallway, take your time and switch between red and blue while crossing each individual generator. A Keeper of Energy is ahead, purchase the upgrade if you have the money. Run left through the gauntlet of enemies and pellet sprays, stay low and climb the left wall to reach a checkpoint. Wall-jump and climb up to find a bomb dispenser. Uppercut the bomb and attack it midair to destroy the weak wall. Past the destroyed wall is a green crystal, so get in that healing now. Return to the bomb dispenser, uppercut and attack midair to get the bomb across, then quickly uppercut and attack midair again to destroy the second weak wall. Yet another bomb dispenser is ahead, use it to destroy the third weak wall and continue forward. Entering: City of the Dead. Follow the light guide through a series of burrowing creatures and spiders. Eventually you’ll reach color-coded spikes, switch to red to lower the red spikes and blue to lower the blue spikes. Jump over the spike pit and climb up to the light guide. Wall-jump up the right vertical shaft, then wall-jump up the right, running left and jumping up to find a green faceplate. Hit it to open two gates. Run by the spread of energy pellets and run left until reaching a teleporter and a ladder. Climb the ladder into a dangerous looking room filled with spikes, spreads or pellets, and lasers. Move right, and switch to dark spiritual energy before jumping to the platform and reaching the ladder. Climb up and stand on the green faceplate. The next step is trickier. Switch to light spiritual energy and jump down, jumping to the green faceplate while the blue pellets are generated first. The green faceplate opens the gate directly below to the left. Jump down and go through the open passageway. Down into the cave you’ll find the Guardian Key. Backtracking time, follow the light guide back to the Boss Door. Slide down the ladder and run right, jumping onto the gate protruding from the wall and climbing up. Jump from platform to platform, riding the red platform right to reach the high ledge and the light guide. A giant blue spider will attack, just jump over its lunge attack and you’ll be fine. Follow the light guide down several sloped passages, and ride the blue platform down into a room filled with spikes. Jump onto the red platform, and switch to blue again to ride down to the exit. Entering: The Underground River. From this point on there’s nothing new, just backtrack to the Boss Door. Check your map if you’re ever lost or confused, it will point you in the right direction.

The High Priestess

  1. Run into the arena, and attack the Priestess as she appears on the center platform. During the first phase of the battle, the Priestess will raise her hands in one direction, indicating which way rocks will be thrown. She will always start by dropping rocks from the ceiling.
  2. To escape the rock fall, hide underneath the platforms. Later, she’ll defy gravity and send rocks flying from either the left or right sides of the area. Hang from the ledges of either of the two thick platforms on the left or right to safely avoid the rocks.
  3. Make sure to ditch the Priestess as she’s about to disappear to give yourself time to hide.
  4. Attack her as she teleports to a new location. She’ll also change colors, so change your spiritual energy accordingly.
  5. Do enough damage and you’ll initiate phase 2. You’ll start falling, and land on a platform. Now you’re falling down a bottomless pit, with the platforms slowly lowering.
  6. The Priestess appears on either the left or right side of the screen. It has only one attack, grabbing the platform you’re standing on with a massive conjured claw and destroying it.
  7. Trick her into grabbing one of the two inner platforms, as you’ll need the outer platforms to safely attack the Priestess.
  8. Stay on the upper half of the screen if possible, the lower you are, the harder it is to jump to the opposite side. Falling into the bottomless pit will take off one heart.
  9. After taking enough damage, the Priestess will appear in the center of the screen. Watch her color, she’ll attack by launching a vertical beam engulfing either the inner platforms or the outer platforms. If she’s blue, she’ll attack with blue, if she’s red she’ll attack with red. Shield yourself and wait on the inner platforms.
  10. Attack her while the beams are hitting the outer platforms. Eventually she’ll start appearing on the left and right again, attacking with a giant magical claw.
  11. Keep the pressure on her, try not to fall into the pit, and you’ve won.
  12. With the boss defeated, you’ll be transported back to the crossroads.


  1. Check the map to find your next goal. Jump onto the red faceplate to open the dark door to your right. Continue down the slope. Wall-jump to reach the upper ledge and jump down the pit to enter the city.
  2. Entering: The City Walls. Follow the light guide, looking out for the many axe enemies leading toward a blue energy fountain. Pass through the four alternating energy bolts and cross the red energy fountain.
  3. Ahead you’ll run into bomb dispensing enemies floating above the ground. The bombs they drop can be helpful, but otherwise just destroy these creatures. Continue across the flat plain until reaching a ladder up to the light guide.
  4. Jellyfish of both colors float above a horizontally oscillating energy generator. More often you’ll face wild combinations of dark and light energy, so be aware of what spiritual energy you’re using at all times to protect yourself and attack enemies.
  5. Cross through both moving fountains of energy, and watch the circular burst of energy in the center. Reaching the checkpoint, break through the weak wall and carefully navigate the next hallway filled with energy generators.
  6. Hit the switch at the end, moving across the room to jump onto the neutral platform. At the top is a moving platform shooting two streams of red and blue energy down. Because both energy types are used, you won’t be able to shield yourself. Instead, switch to the appropriate color to activate the platforms above to block the beams of energy. Fight through the axe enemies while switching colors to activate the platforms. At the end of the hallway, jump onto the neutral platform.
  7. Ride the platform up and jump right to find a new shrine. The beam attack is very helpful, shooting a neutral beam that can destroy several enemies in one shot. It uses up a power orb, so step onto the yellow crystal to recharge. Try out the beam attack on the flock of jellyfish overhead.
  8. Climb the alternating platforms, looking out for the energy beam sweeping up and down. Climb the blue platforms next, jumping to the upper platforms until reaching a series of four neutral platforms. Jump them quickly and take the collectible mask.
  9. Jump down and hit the checkpoint. Find another collectable mask by sliding under a hidden low wall on the right side of the shaft. Take your time climbing this room, it’s tricky but you’ll eventually make it.
  10. At the top of the shaft, head left and smash the weak wall to find a money vase. Run right through the gauntlet of sweeping energy beams, staying on the energy platforms to reach a higher level and exit the area.
  11. Entering: The Marketplace. Fight through the axe enemies, and a sword enemy. Ahead, run through the fountains, and slide under the low wall. Smash through the various weak walls, your goal is right.
  12. A psychedelic display of energy is waiting ahead. Don’t let it confuse you, wait for the circular spray of energy to pass by before crossing the energy bolts. Take your time to get by this challenge.
  13. Pick a color and slide into the checkerboard pattern of energy pellets. Stay low and slide, standing only to attack and break through the weak wall. Next, hit the checkpoint and activate the teleporter. The teleporters now work, so feel free to use them to backtrack for any missed upgrades.
Use the horizontally shifting energy platforms, activating the appropriate color, to get by the combined light/dark energy generators down the hallway. Climb the ladder and jump left to face alternating light and dark solid walls of energy pellets. Run forward, quickly switching between light and dark to get by. Above, hit the checkpoint and jump onto the neutral platform. Ride it, stay crouched and switch energy types to escape harm from the checkerboard pattern energy. Jump to the floor and run right to use the green crystal. This vertical climb is tricky, the two generators on the floor shoot energy bolts up like fireworks. Take your time and use the green crystal if you’re low on health. At the top, run left through the enemies to find a Keeper of Power. Donate doubloons for a power upgrade, and find your goal right. Reaching a checkpoint, destroy the weak floor with the ground stomp nearby to find another money vase. Through the flat stretch ahead, axe enemies and a large shield enemy are waiting. The walls of energy sweeping by only make this more difficult. Don’t bother sticking around to fight the shield enemy, just jump over him and continue through the exit door. Entering: The Ministry. Switch to light energy, waiting for the bolts to dissipate, and quickly change to dark to run by the inactive light wall. Activating and deactivating energy walls is the main gimmick of the next few puzzles of this area. To reach the upper ledge, turn blue and wall-jump off the blue wall. Ground stomp directly off the right ledge to find a money vase. While in the pit, destroy the right weak wall to find a Keeper of Life. Out of the pit, cross the two energy walls and ride the neutral platform up. Jump left to the platform and climb the ladder, reaching a flat wall. To reach the top, wall-jump and switch energy types to wall-jump off the active energy walls. Cross the checkpoint and drop down the hole to the right. A serpent will attack here, either fight it or just jump over it. The hallway ahead features both energy types constantly covering the floor. Here, you’ll have to quickly switch colors mid-jump to bypass the walls blocking your jumps. For instance, the first puzzle consists of two red platforms and a red wall suspended between. To cross the red wall, jump and switch to blue then quickly switch back to red to land safely on the red platform. Keep an eye on what color the platforms are and take your time. Between intervals there is a safe spot with a vase always containing a heart. At the end of this puzzle is a checkpoint. Hit the switch below the light guide to open a gate. Ground stomp a weak floor to the right of the switch for hidden cash, then backtrack to the open gate. Now, the puzzles involve large color-coded squares. Just like the platforms and walls, energy squares can be activated and deactivated. Activated a square while you’re standing in it means it won’t become solid until after you step out of it, so don’t worry about taking damage. Cross the three squares. Hit the checkpoint and climb high by wall-jumping off active energy squares. Wait for the wide spread of bolts to change to a safe energy type before moving, and don’t fall back down. On the upper ledge, you’ll find the light guide. Slide down the ladder to enter a chamber consisting entirely of energy squares. It looks tricky, remember to switch energy types while jumping to land on newly active energy squares without falling through the transparent squares. Through that room, there’s a checkpoint and a narrow passage sloping downward. Ride the ladder down and fight off the giant spider spawning out of the floor. Jump up the series of moving energy platforms, it’s easiest to jump to a platform that has stopped moving. Jump right to the light guide and exit the area. Entering: The Maze. The Maze is right, this place is a labyrinth. Luckily, there are multiple paths through it. For now, focus on getting by the incoming walls of energy pellets. Wall-jump up and cross the energy fountain. Continue downward until reaching energy squares suspended over a floor of spikes. Just stay on the top row and you’ll be fine. Drop down the hole on the left side of the following room lined with three ladders. At the bottom hit the checkpoint. Look out for a serpent in the ground, destroy it quickly with a bomb from the bomb dispensing creatures just past it. Then jump up into the maze proper. This is where navigation gets difficult, although really any path will get you where you need to go. Just follow the paths right whenever possible – any dead ends are breakable weak walls. You’ll never need to backtrack here. Nearing the exit gate, climb up to the spinning energy generator and jump down to hit the switch. With the gate now open, climb up and jump down to activate the teleporter and get out of this maze. Outside the maze, you’ll face off against a miniboss. This guy has his own health bar, so prepare for an extended fight. At the beginning, he’ll attack by swinging his large sword. Keep your distance and wait for him to raise his shield. Slide attack to hit his feet while his shield is raised – usually while walking or idle. After attacking his feet, he’ll slam his shield down onto the ground. Stand near him and jump as the shield hits the ground. This is your chance to hurt the miniboss, attack mid-jump, targeting the faceplate. Do this enough, and the boss will start shooting energy beams. The miniboss will always shoot a blue energy beam first, so feel free to attack his faceplate while you’re shielded. Repeat the process until the miniboss is defeated. Ride the neutral yellow platform up and follow the light guide through the exit. Entering: The Flower Gardens. Climb the ladder and jump off right. Things are getting really psychedelic now, ahead just switch to the appropriate color to get by the flowering energy pellets. To get by the combined pellet generators, switch to blue and slide under while red isn’t touching the floor. Wall-jump, looking out for more blooming energy generators. Keep wall-jumping until you reach the light guide. To the left of the ledge are moving energy platforms. Jump to blue, then red, switching mid-jump. Wall-jump to a blue platform that’s thankfully solid, and ride it up, jumping left. Above is another wall-jump puzzle, activate the alternating energy walls to reach the top, starting with red. Cross the checkpoint and run through the energy fountains. Take it slowly, until finding two red energy walls stacked up. Use them to wall-jump to the tall pillar and climb upwards. Keep climbing until reaching a neutral platform. Ride it to a hallway filled with wild patterns of energy. None of the pellets cross, making this a game of patience. Two tall energy walls block your path, turn blue and switch to red mid-jump. Then change back to blue to use the wall as a wall-jump board to climb yet even higher up. Switch to red to wall-jump off the dark energy walls. Above, a moving red platform crosses a red wall. Jump forward before hitting the red wall, switching to blue then quickly switching back to red to land on a solid platform. Climb the ladder up to a neutral platform and run through the red fountain. Switch to blue and wall-jump off the blue wall as it slows down. Slide under all four blooming energy generators to reach another shrine granting you charged attack. This attack, unlike the rest, can destroy certain walls and does not use up energy orbs. It must be charged, but it can hurt enemies of both color types. Use the blue energy wall to reach the upper hall and charge attack the wall. Slowly jump from perch to perch, switching energy types until finding the checkpoint and a switch. Hit the switch and drop down. Plenty of energy generators are in your way, so here’s the order of colors you’ll need to switch to: red, blue, red, blue, red. Stay in the center of the generators and you’ll be fine. Run right, down the pit with the ladder and exit this area. Entering: The Maze. Don’t worry, you won’t have to actually return to the maze. Jump down and smash the wall to your right to exit. Entering: The Forgotten Quarter. Pass the teleporter and knock down the wall in your wall. Ground stomp the weak floor marked by the light guide and slide down the ladder. Continue left, fighting through the axe enemies and jellyfish. The light guide will lead you to a vertical chamber. If you have at least a few hearts, simply jump down and take a hit of damage to get through. A checkpoint is waiting at the bottom. Follow the light guide down yet another pit. Ground stomp the weak floor to the left, taking care of the axe enemies in your way. Run right and jump over the serpent until finding a blue floor plate. Step on it to summon a blue platform. Ride the platform
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