Overhauled America Rising 2 mod brings the Enclave to Fallout 4

By FileTrekker 22 days ago, last updated 22 days ago

The original America Rising mod is one of the most popular in the history of the Fallout 4 modding scene, and today, it received a major overhaul, with Ameria Rising 2 bringing the patriotic faction the Enclave to Fallout 4 and seamlessly integrating them into the game's main questline.

The mod features a shed-load of fresh voice-acting (over 8,000 lines across 25 voice actors, in fact) with brand-new characters and features a whopping 24 new quests featuring the Enclave. Their items and equipment have also been added to the game, and there's even a brand-new companion.

You can choose to either help the Enclave or choose to destroy them, echoing the events of Fallout 3. The mod adds additional side content too, including random encounters, and some new settlement items, and even adds a few new interior spaces and locations to The Commonwealth, befitting of the faction. 

According to lead modder Otellino, "What good’s a bad guy if you can’t get rid of ’em? If you make them hostile (be it by completing the game with another faction, disagreeing a little too much with the leadership, or simply shooting them in the face) you’ll be locked out of the Enclave, and they’ll fire at you on sight.”

To set the atmosphere, there's also a new Enclave radio station with the typical patriotic music indispersed with occasional propaganda, as well as an Enclave-themed Pip-Boy skin. You can grab the mod here, and if you have any plans to replay Fallout 4's main quest any time soon, I highly recommend it.


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