Overwatch cracking down on 3rd party tools

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Published by FileTrekker 2 months ago , last updated 2 months ago

Blizzard, the developers of the popular game Overwatch, have announced they will start cracking down on players using certain 3rd party tools which may give players an in-game advantage.

While not hacks per-say, the tools, such as Visor and Pursuit, are used to give in-game stats, audible alerts and extra overlays within the game, which may be seen as giving players using them an advantage. 

Players using the tools will be sent warnings about the use of unauthorized third-party tools, and repeated use could lead to penalties including a permaban.

Visor simply gives players on-the-fly information and stats via overlays, and alerts to certain events within the game. While not modifying the game itself or giving the player a technical advantage per-say, it is a tool many players use to hone their craft and improve their skills, using the on the fly analytical information given.

Pursuit works slightly differently in that it only gives analysis of the players' performance after the game has ended, but again it is seen as a tool to improve your game and gain the advantage over your opponents.

Tom Powers, the community manager for the game, had this to say on the official forums;

Recently, we’ve investigated third-party applications designed for use while playing Overwatch and we’d like to reiterate which of these applications are not permitted in Overwatch, to provide more clarity, any third-party application that impedes on the competitive integrity in Overwatch is not allowed. For example, a third-party application that offers users information such as enemy position, enemy health, enemy ability usage, or Ultimate readiness creates an uneven playing field for every other player in the map.

While some players have defended the decision, especially in Pursuit's case given it only reports after a game has ended, others have welcomed the decision to ban Visor, with many arguing it is borderline cheating.

It comes at a pretty bad time for Visor, who have recently secured $4.7 Million to further the development of their tool. This crackdown will no doubt harm their plans going forward.

So, what are your thoughts? Are Blizzard right to crack down on tools of this nature? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 months ago by Plokite_Wolf

Any tool that aids you in-game in real time but other players don't have it is not something one should support.