Overwatch hero McCree is being renamed to Cole Cassidy

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Overwatch is changing the name of one of its heroes, the cowboy character known as McCree, who will be known as Cole Cassidy as of Tuesday, October 26th (next week).

The name change was forced by a commitment by Blizzard to remove any references within its games to people implicated in the ongoing lawsuit against the company by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. However, instead of just quietly changing the name up, the change is going to be woven into the canon of the character.

On Twitter, the official Overwatch account posted about the change and shared some lore that read "running from his past meant running from himself, and each passing year only widened the divide between what he had been and who he had become. But in every cowboy's life, there comes a time when he has to stop and make a stand." 

It's interesting how art is (sort-of) reflecting real-life there, with the blurb talking about "the first thing a renegade loses is their name, and this one gave up his long ago," but there you go. Even so, the backstory to the change does help make it a little less jarring, although the storyline and lore isn't really something I personally care too much about in these types of games.

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