Palword PvP is coming, so get ready to fight your friends and capture their pals

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

If you're serious about Palworld, then you'll want to get yourself ready for the imminent PvP update that will see you fighting against other real players in order to prove who is the best Pal trainer of them all - and it seems there's a strategy that a number of trainers are already using to accumulate 300 Pal Spheres that will be capable of capturing your friend's Pals.

According to the Palworld subreddit, console commands can spawn the currently unused Radar Spheres into your world, which you can then use much like standard Pal-catching spheres - with one key difference - they'll also be able to capture someone else's Pals, such as those you'll likely go up against in PvP.

The discovery of the hidden item within the game's files means players are now spawning these Pal spheres ahead of time, and hiding them around the map, preparing for the launch of PvP. One player has already spawned and hidden 322 Radar Spheres around the world, although it does raise a genuine concern that Pal's you've worked hard at training are at risk of being stolen, perhaps unfairly.

The Subreddit is also filled with some concern about the exploit, with many predicting griefers running riot, stealing Pal's without much impedance. The scarcity of the item in intended gameplay is currently unknown, and this could put some players at a significant disadvantage.

There is, however, the possibility that Pocketpair will undo the hard work of these enterprising players before PvP goes live. One developer stated that the game won't feature a “lawless open PvP," hinting that protections similar to those seen in Rust might be in place.


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