Palworld has had more players since launch than Elden Ring did in a year

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According to Palworld developer Pocketpair, the game has reached a staggering 25 million players across both Xbox and Steam SKUs just a month and a change after the game's launch.

Despite this considerable success, Palworld's numbers have tempered since its peak in January, when it soared to become the second-most-played game on Steam, trailing only PUBG, with over two million concurrent players. Today, its peak concurrent player count over the last 24 hours stands at 344,577, a notable decrease, yet still a figure many developers would envy. 

Pocketpair seems unfazed by this blip as the game maintains a prominent position among Steam's most-played titles, sandwiched between PUBG and the rapidly rising Last Epoch.

Celebrating a milestone of over 25 million players since its launch a month ago, Palworld expresses gratitude to its player base, with 15 million players on Steam and 10 million on Xbox. The team emphasizes their commitment to addressing bugs and combatting cheating, acknowledging the invaluable support received.

To contextualize this achievement, consider that Hogwarts Legacy, a significant release in 2023, took approximately three months to reach 15 million sales across all platforms, eventually reaching 22 million by the year's end. Similarly, Elden Ring, a standout title in 2022, surpassed 20 million copies sold within a year. While not a direct comparison, these figures underscore Palworld's immense success.

It's also worth noting that 25 million players don't equate to 25 million sales, especially considering Palworld's availability on Game Pass since launch, where it saw significant player numbers... although remarkably, most players are on Steam, where the game is sold at full retail price, generating a tidy sum for the studio.

Approximating Palworld's earnings based on 15 million sales at $30 each, after accounting for Steam's cut, yields a staggering sum. And this excludes revenue from Xbox sales, which contributes significantly, even primarily through Game Pass.

This remarkable growth trajectory is evident as Pocketpair recently reported hitting 12 million sales on Steam and seven million players on Xbox just weeks prior.

Enshrouded, another survival game released alongside Palworld, achieved two million players within a month, though it occupies a lower rank on the Steam charts.

While Palworld's 25 million player count pales in comparison to industry giants like Call of Duty: Warzone, it's essential to recognize its achievements as an independent project without the backing of a major studio or publisher.

Despite its success, Pocketpair remains vigilant, announcing plans to combat cheating and teasing forthcoming content updates. With their financial standing secure, they can afford to take their time in delivering quality additions to the game.


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